Ryan Mullahy Interview on Exeter Incident, Podcast UFO, 4/27/14

http://podcastufo.com/ UFO News Roundup, Andy Fleming with Asteroids Part II and guest Ryan Mullahy discuses Exeter Incident, one of the most profound UFO cases of all time in New England.

Go to original youtube video here UCSTVGU0oHJp-gvlYPfWUvWQ

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  1. The Exeter Incident is a watershed event in the history if the phenom.This case was the fulcrum which got Betty and Barney Hill to go public,with the author Fuller doing both books.I retell this case to many people,and,to be honest,my retelling is a hell of a lot more intensive and exciting.For,instance,one of the police officers restrained himself from decking the AF hack from Pease who ridiculed the sighting,when the 2 cops went to the base for an explanation.

  2. Oh ,Martin,if you saw the ISS ,as many do,it would not be "big".A lil tiny thing ,it would be seen as,my good man.

  3. Martin,my goodness,abductions?,missing time?These are relatively recent add ons to the phenom.Of course the Hill's spoke of it,later,but,no one spoke in those terms in 1965.
    We have to admit the modern abduction era was a creation hatched from OSI at Kirtland AFB.It's a con job to muddy the waters.After all these years,there are so many hard facts to dispel many of the more outlandish peripheral subjects added on to obscure.
    I am a stickler on this subject,there's no room for lax opinion.

  4. This guy, you know, who is, you know telling the story, you know, about the Exeter incident, you know, says "you know" about every fifteen seconds.  Made him hard to listen to.

  5. Wow,,,i had no idea there was footage on you tube ,about the Exeter sighting,,,,,i just never looked into it .until my friend and I were speaking about our friends .back in the day.I happen to of known …Norman,,,,,but knew his brother Tom on a personal level .with Norm ,,,,it was just a wave .howya doing ,,,,,,,,,,It was very sad when he passed ,Tom his brother ,,,and myself were very good friends ,even though we haven't seen each other ,,for sometime.Wow ,,,,I guess I should check out you tube more often

  6. This guy really wore me out by saying "you know" about every 5 seconds. Some one needs to have a serious talk with this guy and tell him what he is doing. He must not be aware of it.

  7. Maybe the silence of UFOs is in fact the shutoff of the witness auditory capability? Hence the apparent quieting of livestock, birds, or pets?
    And would it be a prep for communication – the classic telepathy of which there are too many reports to discount IMO

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