Ryan Sprague and Jeremy Corbell on UFOs (Fox News)

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This interview on FOX 10 was conducted during the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, AZ.

John Hook, though a mainstream reporter, gave a fair and complete interview about the UFO phenomenon. Jeremy Corbell and I had a great time on this show and feel like they did a great job presenting to the community without being dismissive.

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47 Comments on “Ryan Sprague and Jeremy Corbell on UFOs (Fox News)”

  1. It is so wonderful to see this fox news anchor take this seriously and not ridicule or belittle the guests. He seems to be genuinely interested. Thank you for that.

  2. Sometimes I think it doesn’t help when old ufo news clips or whatever are edited to have that suspenseful horror movie music in the background.. it just seems like it’s making it fictional instead of talking about it from a factual and scientific standpoint

  3. What is going on here?! Crafts a hundred feet across? Those are not surveillance or scouting or some such, those are something suggesting a station or a depot. This is not cool. Keeping it secret like that, or having to accept that thousands of people across many squaremiles with nothing else in common but seeing this are all experiencing some collective hallucination. Not cool, either way.

  4. I'm not sure what the PHX Lights were but I saw them for 3 days straight before the 13th when they said it was a military test. And I live 200 miles away from Phx.

  5. Bob Lazar? That's where I stop listening to Corbell. Lazar is a phony, plain and simple. These two guys depend on belief in extraterrestrial spacecraft to make a living. Bring in a regular journalist like the guy who looked into the O'Hare Airport incident.

  6. This video makes me worry that false flag disclosure is coming. The way the interviewer keeps misdirecting the conversation. And then when he litterally says there's 30 seconds left he starts trying to spotlight the idea of this being a threat and whether or not we should be worried about an attack. These guys did great. This guys doing big things for the ufo community.

  7. Amazing interview. It always bugs me during news clips about the subject, they have to add the spooky sci-fi soundtrack to sort of discredit the story. Watch the Phoenix Light clip again in this and the background music is almost comical.

  8. I saw a UFO in 1999 on a military base in Georgia (Fort Gordon). Fifteen other soldiers saw it along with our two civilian instructors. In fact what drew my attention to it was the soldier standing to me right screaming at the top of his lungs "LOOK AT THAT FUCKING UFO!!!!".

  9. I am a scientific researcher in seeing invisible dimensions on Twitter and Facebook contact me 13 years of field research

  10. Wow…that reporter is a true professional..he wasn't snarky or dismissive about this important subject,he was just as curious as alot of people are..that guy has my respect,he is a rare thing in mainstream media a REAL journalist 😊

  11. The USA won't be coming out and saying there are aliens visiting this planet, for a long time…if ever…in my opinion. They are having a slightly difficult time keeping China at bay, when it comes to making sure their global hegemony is not threatened as the number-1 country. FFS…..they are too scared to do ANYTHING militarily when it comes to the Spratly Islands that China has taken over, contrary to the wants of other nations like Australia and contrary to world panel ruling on the subject, so the US appears to be a toothless tiger in real life. They should have acted sooner, but now the Chinese islands have become weaponised.. Thanks amerika. So much for the ANZUS treaty and stuff like that… So if they are too scared to face China, they will be too scared to say there are beings from other solar systems who have weapons that we (the people of Earth) don't have any defence against, at all. None.
    That's going to cause global panic and on a less important note, it will be the nail in the coffin for their hegemony. Usually when their hegemony is threatened, the other party get;s decimated.

  12. This whole thing about official disclosure is a big lie or fantasy. Either or both. Everyone who thinks it will happen without "aliens" actually showing themselves in full view of the mass media, is a bit naive. If there is a chance that the global stockmarket will meltdown if the US govt openly states that aliens are real, then no President will do so as he / she will never get re-elected and their party will take a huge hit. That's assuming aliens are not hostile at that point and the US is still functioning. No leader will take the risk to alienate (no pun intended) everyone who has shares, much less risking a recession. It's not going to happen. The thought belongs to a large number of people who don;t fully understand how the world works.

  13. Just watched this interview and it has blown me out of the water. Not because of the topic, but rather because the interviewer actually was serious and non-judgmental. Finally a media person with credibility, excellent, excellent, excellent. Please do more because you have won my respect.

  14. What I never understood is why so many people criticize Bob Lazar and called him a liar ,but yet praise Philip Schneider and say he's telling the truth and his story is more believable than others, especially people from the likes of Bob Lazar. I believe Phillip Snyder knows something ,but I don't believe he is genuinely telling the whole truth. I do believe Phillip Snyder is exaggerating his story ,but like I said I do believe there's something to Philip Snyder story ,but as far as Bob Lazar goes, I believe he is 100% genuine and not only one hundred percent genuine also has the evidence to back it up.

    Let me do add one thing on Philip Schneider to give him the benefit of the doubt. His death was very suspicious.

  15. I'm liking John Hook. This is how you interview on this subject, instead of the typical eye roll and giggling. Nice job John!!

  16. 12:35 – Fear, really?
    And why should those who adhere to the scriptures of truth be fearful of the UFO phenomenon while the 'secular' observer is supposed to be able to rise to it? It really bugs me why these people believe Christians such as myself should be terrified of the phenomenon, I guess not knowing the scriptures of truth they think they do not accommodate it, and that our faith will collapse and we start throwing ourselves en-masse in front of the first bus that crosses our path!

    Daniel 2:43[in the last days]
    And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they [not the seed of men] shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: [Humanity] but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    Blimey, if the Christian's faith was so weak I suppose Christianity wouldn't have lasted half an hour beyond Christ's crucifixion.

  17. I though I saw a UFO the other day while waiting in line to vote but as it got closer I recognized it immediately, it was Trumps Hair Peace hovering around voting locations looking for Fraudulent activity I suspect??

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