S.O. 026 – On Aliens, Anomalies, Dreams, and Consciousness

Can you keep up with the ever-changing news cycle? Also aliens. Do you believe in aliens? Do you think they are here, have been here before, will be here? The news is now happy to publish stories one after another about military disclosure regarding UAP’s. What do you do with that information? Forget about it and move on to other distractions – or figure out what that means? We jump into the crazy topic of reality anomalies and the different ways of potentially managing them. We touch on DMT, dream states, and ride other waves.

S.O. is a podcast that aims to have consistent long-form conversations. As hosts, we strive to improve our ability to remain mindful, practice focus and proper listening, improve verbal fluency, explore ideas without attachment, and expand our perspectives of reality. Also and as well as… both and. Curiosity killed the cat but saved the human.



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