Saagar Enjeti: Here’s Why UFO Disclosures Are NOT A Pentagon Ploy For More Funding

Saagar Enjeti reacts to the MSM’s newfound interest in UFOs.

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26 Comments on “Saagar Enjeti: Here’s Why UFO Disclosures Are NOT A Pentagon Ploy For More Funding”

  1. there is footage of germany creating anti gravity flying objects for it's military during ww2 so it's sad .

  2. a bomb shell would be for you to actually understand this and the level of secrecy we've suffered under for 70 years. Quit being a tool

  3. I think it would be idiotic to spend anymore money on any military defense program. I think we should give a few billion or maybe a Trillion or 2 Trillion dollars to some other country instead .

  4. You tell Krystal this is where our views come from now go make me a sandwich….
    Edit: kidding

  5. Whatever the military and the government tells us is going to be lies because that's all they know how to do is lie. The American public has not been the told the truth about one thing.. harvest, yes you are the harvest you have been traded for military technology the deal was made years ago and that's what the government is hiding!!!!

  6. They didnt lie us into war on faulty intelligence. They lied us into war. Full stop. And then waged two of the most horrific proxy wars in history, in Libya and Syria, giving billions to jihadists and setting them loose on the civilian populations across both nations, that they then, and still call civil wars. Remember, the great White Helmets? Yeah, they were terrorists. And we gave them an Oscar! Puhleeeze. Do some research on unconventional warfare. False flag terrorism is the norm, not the exception.

  7. Neil Degrass Tysons responses to this are so laughable and close minded who says UFOs have to be aliens

  8. It's what they THINK they are seeing. Seeing is very faulty, anyone who has had basic police training knows this.

  9. One term lame-duck Trump is out, COVID is going, going, gone! Now it's time for UFO's and fictitious space aliens — let's get back to normal.

  10. Objects look very different in infrared light, because infrared camera's only see heat signature's, and can see objects.

  11. The evil government going to give us the truth. Sure. No matter where they originate or their goal, they have been used as a psyop. With more psyops to come based off them.

  12. it’s so weird we fund our government, who then, in return, just doesn’t show us certain things

  13. …yeah U.F.O…they started by renaming , demystifying the occurrence. Enters the U.A.P unidentified aerial phenomena. Still not very forthcoming:) Love your show,

  14. Goven the vast distances involved in interstellat travel, the civilizations that possess technology like that could disintegrate our whole solar system in a second.

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