Sacramento Resident Captures UFO 2 Days In A Row – News 10

Ten days ago Sunda Barker says she witnessed a glowing object in the sky while walking home from lunch with her son.

music – Song- Gem droids

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11 Comments on “Sacramento Resident Captures UFO 2 Days In A Row – News 10”

  1. A sundog really?! It has a solid gold look plus sharp edges. Mainstream news is going all out. Ice crystals in August. What's next, swamp gas in the city?

  2. Quick and painless explanation " No UFO there that's for sure, ice cristals cristals they are, i tell you, …badaboom ddaaaaa pssshhhhhh !!"

  3. The lack of scientific understanding here scares me. The temperature on land is drastically different than the temperature of the upper atmosphere where clouds are forming. You can easily have ice crystals in clouds in the upper atmosphere and have it be 88 degrees on the surface of the earth. They hide this kind of information in books. Go read one.

  4. I live in Sacramento on Arden same area and I also see things like this! UFO for sure. I seen same UFO at night

  5. united States have Manny secrets all in area 51 top secret because you the public can't handle it! do research Arizona lights in the sky all over the world UFO and Manny secrets the news helps cover it up stop falling for there lies

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