Science writer discusses highly anticipated Pentagon UFO report

Science writer Mike West talks to FOX 5 about a much anticipated report on UFOs that was released by the intelligence community on Friday.

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48 Comments on “Science writer discusses highly anticipated Pentagon UFO report”

  1. Ferst chance I get I'm going to leave this political contaminated sosiedy and tell all the government's of this polited rock to rot in hell

  2. DOD, researching for over 70 years and their report boils down to, "We don't know, it could be anything." DOD (Department Of Duh).

  3. People are kind of ignorant to the fact that the government is scamming this whole thing in one way or another. Wake up!

  4. He couldn't believe the drivel he's spouting.

    B-gger the weasel words. Obviously these are extraterrestrial craft. The only question is whether they are automated or crewed.

  5. BS Burger. The media and Congress is still determined to fool the public. Give me a break. No report conclusion is better than this funky report.

  6. It hard for so called people of science and rationale to risk their peer credibility on this until one lands and shakes hands.

  7. From page 5 of the report, at the page bottom: "Some UAP may be technologies deployed by…a non-governmental entity."

    The Red Cross, maybe. Or Rotary International.

  8. New military drones . . .who do they belong to is the real question. 🇰🇷🇺🇸🇺🇾🇹🇷🇲🇷🇯🇵🇨🇵🇩🇪🇦🇿🇦🇪🇦🇩🇦🇲

  9. Don't just use military evidence, use amateur evidence too and take it seriously, no one is talking about that !!

  10. They end up sounding even more stupid when they reveal more information about the objects and what they’re capable of. It’s going to eventually lead up to the fact that these physical object are not of this earth and is not man made

  11. Congressional hearings MUST be held, inviting former gov contractors, politicians, historians on the subject et. al. If the cover up is not addressed, any further task force activities are bogus. Its time for the tumor to be removed for the sake of the body.

  12. Mick west
    Knows it better than the pilots,radars.

    You have a question about ufo
    Ask Mick west

  13. These are train pilots…It's not some Joe Schmo…They know what they saw
    and it's not man made…

  14. Mick West is today's Phil Klass or Donald Menzel: "It can't be, therefore it isn't. Don't confuse me with facts, my mind's made up. Attack witnesses, not data." He's a classic debunker. Period.

  15. Dude you didn’t see the radar with the commander Fraver incident you dim whit that doesn’t say advanced space craft then what does

  16. Channel is a bit slow, the report has been released. It’s 9 pages. It’s on the net, uploaded way before this video was lol.

  17. Strange that i along with many others could predict the results of this report which means we are able to predict the future ! This guy is doing the same as the the report is doing by saying it could be and it may not be crap,all because like the secret services making the report they want to maintain their positions and thei salary . To say they could be Russian or from China is ludicrous because these objects have been photographed and seen from at least 1948 and making the same movements and all without noise or indication of propultion .So all this time these objects have only been used to perform as if they were in an airshow?? I think not ! The fact the the logical answer is that they are not technology from earth but from a more advanced race can not be said because of fear and arrogance .The fear is that those who are paid large sums to protect us would have to say that they are not able to deal with the problem and the arrogance is that they know they can get away with it.

  18. Why speculate on what the report might say, rather than just wait a couple hours and then detail what the report actually says?

  19. We landed on mars and we traveled through the solar system and Mick is still stubborn about other creatures being able to do exactly the same thing we are doing. If they are slightly advanced, how is that out of the table? Just because we can't find them? Well if we can't find them here on earth we really can't say we're going to find them elsewhere either.

  20. Excuse me, Mick West is not a science writer. He is a pseudoscientist with an agenda who cherry picks data.

  21. They shouldn´t be called UPAs because many of the sightings were made underwater. If they want us to look at the sky, it´s probably because they are coming from underneath us, we should look deep into the oceans, that´s where they are coming from.

  22. Mick West's belief in what the Pentagon says is akin to a baby drinking a bottle. Take it in Mick,…take it all in. Funny thing is, it only took a nine page report to brainwash nearly half the country,…lather, rinse, repeat.

  23. C'est comme la blague pour le philosophe abscon (incompréhensible..) ; vous poser a un philosophe une question , quand il a finis de répondre vous vous souvenez plus de la question….. Ici le scientifique dénigre l’hypothèse extraterrestre qui fait peur , par une diarrhée verbale pseudo-scientifique , rendez aux chinois ou au russes ce qui appartient aux chinois et au russe et surtout cacher ce UFO / ovni , que je ne veux pas voir….

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