Scientists have identified where aliens might be watching us from

For decades humans have searched and wondered about extraterrestrial and planet life beyond earth. Well now, scientists have created a list of planets where, if they exist, curious aliens could view our planet. This comes just as the hotly anticipated US government’s report on unidentified flying objects is about to be released.

RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the exciting details.

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39 Comments on “Scientists have identified where aliens might be watching us from”

  1. We already know we are being watched and the aliens are amongst us in the form of CIA & FBI….Deep state..

  2. When a giraffe was first described to those who hadn't seen them before…

    Everyone laughed.

    I guess it seemed impossible that anything would have or need such a long neck.

  3. The aliens came and saw what was happening on Earth. They concluded there is no intelligent life on Earth and left.

  4. Idiots, we are the intelligent cattle, a perfect slave race, smart enough to follow directions, stupid enough to believe in religion.

  5. Radio waves from Earth are incredibly faint at one light year distance and barely recognizable by five. Do your research people.

  6. The Milky Way is this galaxy.
    If, if, if… it's possible, конечно, but not likely… them aliens must be very bored to waste time watching us 😂😂😂

  7. Expected to be released tomorrow? The due-date is June 25th, aliens have existed long before we have, why the actual fuck does it take so long to release, already written documents?

  8. There are no such thing as extraterrestrials. This garbage needs to stop. Coming from the same pseudo intellectuals who have never been passed the Van Allen Belt to properly say they have been to space. Also the same people who just discovered the moon is still in Earth’s atmosphere. Key words to listen to “could be” “we speculate” “possibility”. Just stop this charade it’s extremely insulting to people who actually know science. These liars don’t even know how to deal with the gamma radiation that is outside the Van Allen Belt and any idiot with the reasoning of a bumble bee can understand they have never stepped foot on the moon. Again it is just recently they admit THE MOON IS IN EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE. How did you not know that if you went there before? And you went there with technology that is inferior to an Xbox you should be taking moon trips 3 times a week now. Human beings have a natural tendency to want to see something supernatural or a living entity from either the sky or underground and they know this and keep feeding that yearning. If they were real they would have enslaved us hundreds of years ago. Human beings are not going to be special or admired by anything so advanced. STOP THIS CRAP

  9. 3 yrs worth of Pentagon pushing their Intel agents like Mellon unto media as UFO goto guys has worked out nicely. Once they got on Rogan this year, it's really hit a new level. Dont worry folks, it's the Pentagon, you can trust them. Who else has done more to help (destroy) humanity?

  10. At first you totally denied for so long that UFOs didn't exist. You even put (Above top secret) now after pressure from others who released the files on the existence of them, you hypocritically want to release yours but still call them "Aliens" which you know they aren't because you know have all the evidence from when you arrested the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who was the only one talking and teaching of their existence and who pilots them. You just can't bring yourself to admit that the black man can be scientifically advanced enough to build and pilot such magnificent planes that defile the laws of gravity. But God is present today. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is God.

  11. aliens only visit the US, only watch the US, particularly when pentagon is doing budgeting or the US wants to shift the attentions of Americans from something it wants to hide.

  12. The so called Aliens were having a meeting with the Orange Agents goonies in AREA 51 at the black 🌑 entrance of HELL 😈 with Sneaky Joey Bye-dam and his secretary Blinkie Blinky is blinking at the new tricks and treats for them.

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