Secrets and Suppression | Bible Aliens and Big Cats | Paul Wallis

AUDIO ONLY: Secrets and Suppression | Bible Aliens and Big Cats | Paul Wallis
Bestselling horror writer G.L.Davies asks Paul Wallis, “Has information about historic ET contact been suppressed? If so, how and why? Are there aliens in the Bible and what does any of this have to do with big cats in Cumbria?” Paul’s second guest appearance on The Paranormal Chronicles Podcast

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  2. Thank you Paul. I am a 7D Pleiadian on Sacred Mother Earth waking people up from planet 129 to 5D.

  3. Hey Paul, just finished reading your book – excellent, passing it on to my dad❤
    The minister friend who would not read the book is in the wrong business IMHO

  4. Hey Paul, just wanted to thank you for being someone that has validated for me what I have believed since being a young child. I am not religious per say, but I am very well versed in the bible and the church as a whole. I would never consider myself to be an expert on religion, that is not my thing, but I am very spiritual and just somehow know that we are all connected to a source so great and so powerful that we are just a small, yet very significant part of what that is. I do not know how I know this, but I would bet my life on it. There is something very special about humans and perhaps it is our souls that other beings are most interested in because humans are the only beings to have them? Of course I have no way of knowing that this is true or not, it is just something that came to me one day in an unusual way. We humans are just a small part of a huge galactic family and there is a reason that our origins, and true and honest history has been forgotten and/or suppressed. There is nothing that shall remain hidden or kept secret from all to know or so I and so many believe. Thank you Paul for being a voice of reason, compassion and open mindedness. You are a breath of fresh air being honest enough to recognize the many discrepancies/misunderstandings that are easily found in the written and hand picked canons that make up the official scriptures. Bless you, Stay safe and be well.

  5. yes the bible is a great source…but let's be honest hinduism is the gem and got more information and stories than any other place

  6. Paul, we are facing a "tower of Babel" or "Confusion of languages" event due to our ignorance about viruses. Everyone one is providing their own solution according to their understanding on TV and in the social networks and people have been divided about this..

  7. omg I cannot wait for my book to come in. amazon says may 22!!! finally told my mother about my beliefs. grew up in the Anglican church with the Sunday school and the confirmation and all the stuff that goes with the church such as my overwhelming sense of guilt over my beliefs. she actually took it well. You have helped me so much Paul with your knowledge that makes it so much easier for me to put into words.

  8. Hi Paul. Greetings from Ireland. Purchased and read your new book. Very well thought out and hard to argue with a lot of it. I have questions for you but we'll do that another time. Well done Paul.

  9. Hi Paul, I have just Loved your videos – I will definitely be reading your book!

    I was looking for some of your videos that were longer and had you speaking directly to the camera, rather than just audio in interviews – are they still available online? I would like to send them to all my friends now that your book is out.

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Paul, my boyfriend and I watch your videos all the time. You've really tied in a lot of concepts and bits of information accumulated over the years that I really didn't know what to do with. Thank you for what you do. I will order your book as soon as I am able. Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago.

  11. I've had 2 phicial experiences with galitic Beings and 2 out of body experiences with them…. They protected me from reptilian beings twice…I was lieing in bed and started to feel like something was attacking me an a voice told me to look up over my head and I seen 3 beings in a room trapping a negitive being 2 of them were holding it an the third one put something over it's body that looked like a clear gue and it looked like it was melting the being an then it was gone and they turned to me an said we got rid of it but not with there mouth I heard them in my head and then they said I was safe now an walked to the door to the room and closed the door and they were gone., That was a yr ago,my first time of seeing them while I was awake….my first out of body experience I had I was 33 I was sleeping next to my husband an I was taken abored a ship by a light being some people say angel but it didn't have wings and I seen at least 12 different beings sitting around a large cyrstal table an the being that brought me there was standing beside me and explained what they were saying and showed me things that would be happening on this planet 911 was one of them they said for me not to fear that I am protected by them husband said my body was shaking and he couldn't wake me an after 5 mins I stopped shaking an told him I'm ok go back to see I'm a intutive empath energy healer I help people to get rid of negative energy beings that cling to them and when I do this the person becomes violent at first an when it leaves them it looks like a black slithering snake that swirls like smoke off of the back of there necks an after they only remember seeing it leave them an they look like they had a glow to there face an eyes and tell me they feel renewed I also threw my energy help them to recharge themselves afterwards tho it drains me an I have to recouperate an it takes me 3 days to recouperate from helping someone that way… other times some people just get a charge from my energy say they are drawn to me an have to hug me because they see light coming from my body and I already know what there wanting before they ask so I pass my energy to them and they look like there glowing like I do an are all happy and I feel great love coming from them …a shaman once told me I am a star seed and came here in human form to help people heal an wake up to who they really are inside…you see you can kill a body Avatar but you can't kill energy only redirect it that's why when you see a spirit it's the energy of a person's body that they left …I see an talk to beings have since I was 13 but didn't understand what was happening till I was 33 and had the out of body experience that's when they explained things to me an told me not to fear that I am protected and loved by them and always will be…that's when all my gear left so even when the negitive beings try to hurt me I'm not afraid of them anymore I stand up to them an get rid of them thing is everyone has the same thing I do just alot of people still aren't awake an don't know how to use there own energy to help themselves the ananockie created the first human body by mixing there DNA with monkey DNA results was the cave man then other alians came to this planet and did the same thing that's why you have different nathionalitys after they created the human Avatars we source energy agreed with the alians to live in the human body but had to sign a contract with them to except there rules of being human an once we agree they wipe out minds out so we don't remember that we are really source energy and can do anything we want..we have free will ..not all beings are negative tho before I was human my first incarnation was pleadian an when that avatar body was gone I chose to have a human body an that was a myan indian I saw myself as a ray of light energy leave my pleadian body an shot into a human fetus an was born as a human I've had many different lives here on earth because I came to fight againest the Draconians, reptilians and any other negitive beings that are trying to control the human race…the very elite themselves are Draconian that's the federal government .. queen Elizabeth is a reptilian …they drink human blood an eat humans as well…her name means a lizzard is born. Anyway they try an put me on meds because they know I know the truth and want to dull my brain..but I won't take them or be tested or vaçcanated

  12. Hi Paul. I'm reading the Escaping from Eden book. I'm glad you put all that work into it. I'm not sure you figured out that there wasn't a real god in the Bible at all. Your right that the old testament was a history of the ANNUNAKI. And the writers of it copied from the Sumarian Tablets. And these Annunaki have been here for a very very long time. 5 to 600,000 years. They never where gods. Only another hominid species. Yehweh was Enki's son Marduch. Who was not a really nice guy. Who thaught he was owed a place as the first Lord of earth. And the reason he wanted the area of Jerusalem, was that's the area the air command was stationed. He wanted control of all the other Lord's/king and queens of the Annunaki. BUT. They where never gods. He was never a god. They where created as every other planetary species was created. By the seeding of the universes by the energy of the vast vast vast amount o of Universes out there. If your looking for a clean and blood God. You won't find it in the Bible. But SOURCE is out there as the ENERGY OF EVERYTHING.! I think the way we as a spark of energy accend, or evolve off this planet is by realising that one lesson.! Then we can move on to the next life somewhere else to learn another lesson. Or perhaps to relearn the same lesson.
    The morals and good things in the new testiment should only be common sense. Not a relegion. We where never meant to worship anything .. only to learn right from wrong and that we are not alone in the vast Universes. To live lives as good people and love each other.!!

  13. As a child I knew something was wrong with the Bible. I knew that the world was wrong. I couldn’t except it and was beaten because I wouldn’t adhere to the illusion of the programmed life on this earth. I was having experiences with beings. Seeing and hearing and knowing things I couldn’t explained. In this my parent’s abused me and beat me. I was told I was possessed and of the devil because my parents made me out of wed-lock. I would cry and tell my parents I came from another world born here. I called myself a Polynesian princess at 7. My parents would call me by my name and I wouldn’t respond. I was adamant that what they called me was not my name.

  14. It’s no surprise that the pentagon is releasing footage now. I’m sure it all will coincide with Trumps policy of a space fleet.

  15. I love people like Paul who condense large swaths of data into a digestible form.
    “Local Reporting for Local Consumption” is the default approach of the media to most if not all uncomfortable stories.
    Notice how when we are exposed to a press conference on any important topic, the questions are always vanilla, prescreened and easy to answer.
    We are treated as fools.

  16. Paul, just wanted to say I ordered 5 of your books and just received them today. I'm keeping one, and the other 3 are being sent to family and friends. The last one I am leaving in a public place in the hopes of a stranger picking it up and spreading the word. I'm halfway through and Escaping from Eden is eye-opening. I can't put it down. Keep doing what you are doing!

  17. The early christian missionary who visited other continent are the major contributors to suffering due to colonization.

  18. Just tried to purchase your e-book on booktopia, but their website would not connect? I will keep trying. Very keen to follow up . Peace and Love.

  19. Absolutely magnificent presentation! After reading your book I realized that I have already read about & was aware of many of the developments in our time;. So grateful that you have been able to summarize this all and put it in your recent book"Escaping from Eden"! Can't recommend it highly enough. It is my intent to find ways to support your work, Paul. Thank you soooo much!

  20. Next guest Matthew La Croix with Paul Wallis. The "eagle" symbol (Enlil) and the "serpent" symbol" (Enki) what it means in the very ancient past and the countries/civilizations forward to present who use these symbols, etc… Ex: Mexico's flag is the eagle capturing the serpent ( Spaniards conquering the Aztecs & Maya and other native indigenous people. Paul Wallis thank you for your work and books !

  21. Peoples in the Ministry's Paul are not the only ones that have "Paranormal Experiences." 😏
    I myself am not in the Ministry, nor
    am I Christian but I've had many.
    And I know others that have had them as well.😉

  22. Wallis fan here… but Medvedev was DEFINITELY having a laugh when he talked about aliens. I’ve seen the video. He also had the room laughing by saying that Will Smith starred in the documentary 🙄

  23. It's obvious the abrahamic religions are bent on dumbing down humanity
    November 2020 and the Islamic world is in boiling anger over the Charlie hebdo cartoons etc
    These E.T. got their own agendas,
    Space odyssey 2001 is a great movie on this theme

  24. Paul, the entire universe is related, there are good and bad actors throughout. The interesting thing is we (here on earth) are not as intelligent. In my humble opinion who gave, Government (our servants) the right to suppress this information and knowledge from the common man.

  25. For 45 yrs I couldn't make any sense of what the Bible was trying to get at. After I read Erik von Daniken I thought hmm maybe, but after I found Paul Wallis I finally understood it all. I had completely lost faith and considered religion to be an utter waste of time. But now I understand what the hell was going on I'm a believer in the actual God again. I may very well owe my soul to Paul Wallis. He's a legend and thank you so much for all your hard work to translate these old texts.

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