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  1. I have done a little research and looked at the topography of the Himalayas looking for anything resembling an eight petaled lotus. If anyone could give me any coordinates to anything interesting that'd be great.

  2. Aaryaavarta isn't another name for Shambhala 0:000:48, nor is it an imaginary place of paradise, but the living reality that India was, has been and is; nor is Aarya a name indicating race, but rather of person at a state of enlightenment that's evident in every act and aspect of life, a necessity for civilisation.

  3. If it is mentioned in each relegious text then it is for sure real, i think it is a village of monks or people who practice meditation in order to achieve nirvana , and one of them will use his psychic abilities to help the humanity. Kalki will be enlightened like buddha but will use his supernaatural powers to end the cruel men..

  4. Shambala where shambla in kerala chalakudi near place shambla oor you ani information contact 00971525647396 cal or watsup

  5. can any one know the reference of Ancient text of Zhang Zhung, in which location of Shambalah described

  6. In fact i was asking about Shambala war long time ago to a tibetan lama who have great knowledge of text and who also speak bit french and good english. He told me that the Shambala war is a prediction written in the main Tantra of Kalachakra which is around 800 pages in tibetan and this prediction is around 30 pages (70 pages in english in english if translated). The text says that in the futur in 2347 of our era there will be a war between muslims and the rest of the world.

    The Tantra itself is about 2000 years old and the text start by describing a sect which will appear in the futur (islam) and the people who will follow this sect (muslims) the text describe them perfectly as well as their main belief's places as mecca. The text describe that the main particularity of this sect is to harm people who don't belong to this belief (as we can see today everywhere muslims settle) and that this people will try to settle in everycountry of the world forming a large group and once their group become a majority they will start to try to convert others by using all way possible (harm, propaganda, terrorism etc… ) that is exactly what we see today wherever muslims settle in europe.

    The text continue saying that once this muslims will start trouble everywhere in the world, at that time will appear in the world a buddhist warchief and king named "the one with metallic sharp wheel" he will appear in a place where right now there is a desert between China, Tibet and Mongolia. Once this king will appear he will be able to help all the country to fight muslims who became a giant army trying to kill or convert all the people of the country muslims invaded.

    The muslims will be totally exterminate and then the world will live in peace, happiness, high consciousness level in people, harmony and high level of sciences for thousands of years.

  7. Folks – some new predictions on the timing of the emergence of the King of Shambhala – watch 'The Z Files' to discover more..

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