Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S1E02 | Seeing Is Believing

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Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S1E02 – Shaun Ryder goes to the Atacama desert in Chile to look at a massive alien-like geoglyph known as the ‘Atacama Giant.’ He talks to a witness to the abduction of Chilean Corporal Armando Valdes and also talks to an investigator about a mysterious UFO related group called ‘the Friendship’ that may have cured a man’s cancer. He visits the ALMA observatory and talks to scientists about alien life and, then, goes to a well-known UFO hotbed at Lake Colburn .

Ex-Happy Mondays frontman, Shaun Ryder, was abducted by aliens when he was 15. In this series, he travels the world to meet others who have suffered the same fate.

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22 Comments on “Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S1E02 | Seeing Is Believing”

  1. Good episode, you just missed the 3 fingered mummies from Nazca. They are in ancient patterns of textiles, ceramics, and stone glyphs the ancient saw with their own eyes. 👽👀🗿

  2. I don't know your music, but I do like your approach to this. Well done. I'll sub and see where this channel goes. 👍

  3. If you go looking for where a sicarom which is bit like a dog comes from, then you will find out where I come from, then you will know whether aliens are living amongst you.

  4. Found this series to be pretty boring really. Shaun struggled with the dialogue as well. Now if you can upload the Danny Dyer one…

  5. I like this show! I hope new episodes continue to show up in my YouTube field of vision as they're released! Like this episode appeared in the video list to a completely unrelated video. Which is just fine so long as it appeared in my view! 😀👍🏽

  6. He’s absolutely right. Once you witnessed something personally there’s no question left if it’s real. You just know from that moment on.

  7. This has recently been aired on Blaze TV here in the UK. It made for an interesting watch. Still appreciate the upload tho Sci Fi Central.

  8. I and a friend of mine saw a "saucer" fly over his mother's car back in the 70's about the time that Star Wars came out. We were going to a basket ball game at the local high school. His mom was driving and my friend was in the passenger seat and I was in the back passenger seat. I still remember this like it was yesterday. A classic metallic saucer flew over the top of the car without a sound and we both saw it, his mom didn't see it because she was driving. We stayed up all night drawing pictures of what we saw.

  9. There's still an element of ridicule in the narration and editing, with the goofy comedy music scores. I'll give you a pass Sean but you havent scratched the surface. The evidence that we have been visited by extra terrestrials for thousands of years is so over whelming it's laughable that anyone that's done any real research can say otherwise, unless paid or coerced to the contrary of course!

  10. This propaganda bullshit is pumping out the same old shite and used Sean Ryder as a puppet do deliver its shameful cherry picking narrative. Aliens are here, and everyone knows it. Give it up. Hope you got paid well for this sell out mainsteam fodder. Maybe see you on Family Fortunes next week Shaun, youve been on everything else.

  11. Take a "lay down" lounge chair, & stay up all night for as many nights as possible..take binoculars. You will see things that are not airplanes or satellites. One I've seen many times blinks really fast, moves left and right, and never follows a straight line, sometimes does left or right sudden turns as they go across the sky. Thing is…if you don't take a long time to look, you may not ever see something. Day time, up close is a total different thing. Even if you get it on film, it's not proof enough. It only proves it to YOU…then you become a "*nUt*!"

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