Shocked Man Captures TR3B UFO Hiding In Dark Skies Behind Home 9/26/2015

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25 Comments on “Shocked Man Captures TR3B UFO Hiding In Dark Skies Behind Home 9/26/2015”

  1. Could be a Holographic projection Or it could be a Drone that has cameras on the far side that project the image on to the opposite side of the vehicle.

  2. I'd be sort of creeped out if i found out i was being watched, but at the same time I'd feel honored that they're paying attention to me in particular. I guess that's a double edged sword.

  3. I’ve been looking for so long! This happens every night outside my house. We’ve seen government combat drones flying all night looking for them. They can’t keep up. It’s been 5 months. Every night. It’s getting to the point where I stop observing because a small drone like thing observed me every night im getting nosey when I shouldn’t. My wife and I recently saw it closer than ever. Just outside our home and we sped up chasing it. It was almost like a vtol watching me. And then it took off but never leaves the area. My family thinks we’re crazy. I’ve submitted footage to mufon a month ago about this

  4. You know it's similar to the object I captured near LaHabra Ca. On or around March of this year…its almost if not same dimensions and that invisible quality is similarly the same…RLMBucky MLR….

  5. His instincts were strong to sense the presence. Our instincts can be strong enough to “feel the truth” i dont need hard proof to know that aliens exist. All these small stories and sightings since earlier civilizations should be more than enough to trigger your instincts into becoming a believer and truth seeker.

  6. That makes two videos now, at night, sent to you by a friend, and both times the friend claimed they didn't SEE anything and figured the footage was trash.. And both ended up having grainy half a minute long blurry images of a craft in the classic triangle flying overhead. I would be so broken hearted if you were creating these yourself, Tyler, trying to boost your channel. I like to think of this channel as legit. But what gets me is that these "friends" claimed both times they didn't even see anything to begin with, so what are the odds? It's just strange. I hope this is real though.

  7. I like older videos. You don’t seem to be whispering like you are telling a secret. I have watched almost all your videos and you seem to be the most credible. Keep up the great work.

  8. I could be wrong but to me the Triangle in the video looks as though it may just be the middle of what is circling around it throughout the entire frame of the video in a definite pattern and almost looks as though their are triangles that are rotating in the circle that's spinning and they themselves are spinning. Making the actual size of the distortion is massive and looks as though fills almost the entire sky.

  9. Hey my boy friend has a vid while a airshow a UFO zips across the screen how does he send to you

  10. I've seen the exact same thing! I was with 3 friends in oak ridge tn and we saw a black triangle with white and red lights hovering 400 feet up from our heads making a light buzzing sound. It seemed like it noticed us because we saw it for maybe 2 seconds then it just turned a 90 degree angle faster then the blink of an eye and zipped on out of sight very quickly. I'm glad i digged deeper into this, it seems to most definetly frequent the east TN area

  11. I live a little west of Knoxville and Lenoir City Tennessee and to the West maze Oak Ridge Tennessee I happen to know that there's been a very large craft hiding in the skies above us for a while I've got footage scattered throughout lip sync music videos I've done I've got so many pictures of these things I don't have a picture of the whole entire complete thing this is a very large large vessel like a mother ship or something you can't even see the outer edges of it sometimes and you can never see the whole thing at once it's cloaked but when the light and the Sun or simulated Sun throughout the day it's the right angles you could see these things not to mention one day and extension to that craft or somehow maneuver down right above me and I could see through the glass windows at three beings standing there all three or more different by the way and for a moment I was not scared and I think it kind of startled them that I wasn't afraid and I looked at them they looked back they were larger in size I could see around the windows the metal or whatever material used for the hull of the ship and then it faded away I got a good look at them for about 15 to 25 seconds maybe a little bit longer enough to describe each Bean there was three of them the far left one was obviously reptilian it was green it has scales on it the middle one was it peers to be the captain it was sitting in a chair and it reminded me of a ThunderCats now the one on the right I know it was female but she was bright white and purplish blue entity I would have to say is not like it was like she was just made up of glowing light she wasn't nearly as solid as the other ones was none of them were solid because they are in a fifth dimension it appears to be so it's more of a crystalline life-form to not a carbon-based life-form like us I know I just went wild right there but I need to get that out I've been holding that in too long and that is the truth I don't make up s*** I despise people who do that that's why nobody believes anything in this world because the world's known is a bunch of damn Liars but not all of us are those who don't believe it I don't give a s*** you can go f*** yourself go off somewhere else cuz if you don't believe this s*** you shouldn't be on this channels anyway unless you're just here to cause a bunch of s***

  12. This is what I have been seeing a lot this past year, but I assumed it was some military or gov. thing. So, have you contacted military or anyone to see if it is something they are doing?

  13. i have some ufo footage hope do something with the footage you can use it share with the people i uploaded on 2 of my pages and got band for releasing the video i can no long make money off my page due to this footage. write me back and let me know if you want it for your page

  14. To real. I've seen them. They go invisible..most dont believe. I've seen about 4 or 5 different ones to this day. And plenty of diff orbs. Strange world.

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