Sneak Peek of Season 1 | UFO | SHOWTIME Documentary Series

Take a sneak peek at what’s coming on this season of UFO. Watch new episodes on Sundays at 9/8c on SHOWTIME. All episodes now streaming.


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From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot comes a four-part docuseries uncovering the (in)credible evidence and events that claim the existence of UFOs and other life forms on – or hovering above – Earth. The series will unravel America’s historic obsession with the extraterrestrial. From “Top Gun” pilots being taunted by tic-tac looking flying saucers in the sky, to Gen Z’s rave in the notorious Area 51, to government conspiracy theories, set ups and cover ups, our UFO Project will take us to the ends of the earth – and even a bit farther than that – and back as we tell the twisted tales of sightings, and deception and what this intense and haunting speculation has done to the psyche of the American public and national trust in the government.


23 Comments on “Sneak Peek of Season 1 | UFO | SHOWTIME Documentary Series”

  1. Most in the government don't know it's all black op anti gravity vehicles in those videos. That is how compartmentalised information is.

  2. I watched all 4 episodes, they use snippets of fake UFO footage, footage that has been proven as fake . I know they have to fill in some time but its stupid to use fake footage

  3. This documentary sucked. It trys to suggest that almost all ufos can be explained by Secret terrestrial technology which in my opinion is boarderline unethical and tantamount to misinformation.

  4. I watched the first episode. There is nothing that we haven't already seen before at least a hundred times. It's nothing to write home about.

  5. seen the whole documentary from The pirate Bay. Is 4 episodes and yes its good but is just nothing new, maybe is the pressure of getting to the truth is most important and get more people see is something here worth to discover.

  6. Let me guess, a documentary about questions answered with even more questions.
    No proof, no footage just a bunch of people claiming they know something we don’t.
    I’ll pass

  7. If you really know how bing the universe is then you should know that aliens do exists but but they are not here at all.

  8. İt's about time the globalist world order
    makes everyone an alienbelieving cuckold. İt's working pretty well! 👍🏻

  9. The Government is not lying about UFO's, because they had already figured it out. The UFO's are TIME TRAVELLERS from the future visiting the past like a tour from a theme park and that's all it is….😱

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