Something in the air: The increased attention to UFOs

Our fascination with aliens has also led us to speculate about unidentified flying objects – unexplained airborne phenomena – that might be of extraterrestrial origin. Correspondent David Pogue reports on how, as the scientific community continues to question the legitimacy of possible alien visitations, the government’s attention toward UFOs has become more serious.

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28 Comments on “Something in the air: The increased attention to UFOs”

  1. since at least the 30s the military and government has been lying about technology and life on other planets and for the most part for good reason. as you should have heard by now there is technology that we possess that`s at least 50 years beyond the technology we see today. i`m certainly glad that videos of it has started to come out more over the last 4 years. as far as the satellites in space there are over 4000-5000 not 750. so mr. shostack needs to get caught up. the military can cloak tanks and drones and our jets now from radar. so why would he not think a more intelligent society than ours would`nt be able to do that to their spaceships?

  2. The astronomers have gone from the pursuit of learning, to being a guild.. a priesthood only interested in maintaining an orthodoxy.. to quote The great Richard Feynman, they've got answers that can't be questioned. Its a shame because we need their skills, their help in this matter.. whatever these things turn out to be..

  3. Noone wonders why this is being pushed so hard suddenly? Let's discount the fact some of the top programs in the world don't have any cameras better than a disposable camera for the moment and just question that.

  4. Govt is petrified of the fact that ppl across the planet will have a new 'superior' figure, power structure if you will, replacing them [govt].

  5. Pentagon confirmed video of radar aboard naval vessel was authentic, so it's not just 'cellphone videos '. The SETI guy thinks aliens would still be communicating with radio waves bwahahaha. No

  6. Uh guys, this ufo stuff is a distraction. This is what I call thoroughally distracted. Everyone here is an alien.

  7. SETI is the worse people you can use for this topic, they have no business and no Credibility when ur vibes to UFO that just worried about their funding , you should talk to people that know truly knows about the subject like Cristopher melon, elizondo ,Nick pope or Richard DOLAN

  8. All types of aliens are demons. The godfathers of Ufology, Dr J Allen Hynek and Dr Jaques Vallee, both sceptics, under took a study for the US government, both concluded the phenomena is real, inter dimensional, not from space and demonic in nature over time. Look at the demonic 'spirit guide', Aleister Crowley summoned, Lam in 1918, its basically a grey alien, he said "today we call them demons, tommorow we ll call them something else" That something else is aliens.98% of all 'alien' encounters are horrific in nature and unwanted. Cattle mutilation (clues in the description). The horrific sexual assault in the 'examinations' and stealing the babies. They are all demons, period. Not our saviours or space brothers. No coincidence, when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked, the encounters end. Please understand there is a coming great deception coming with this alien phenomenon. Repent, ask God to reveal his son Jesus, believe he is Lord and God and died and shed his blood for our sins and is risen. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Watch "Aliens are Demons" on YouTube

  9. I think every "expert" in physics, every person who ever made fun of a witness, and every single person who denied they were possible should be ridiculed mercilessly like they did to witnesses for decades. It's BS that suddenly CBS and others are just now reporting on things that people have known about for generations, and that are even mentioned in our holy books…

  10. Seti has broken my heart by abondening Areicibo. When it was the 1st place we made contact , Areicibo still receiving,messages have you notice the increase in U.F.O"s. Their is something coming our way. Remember the death bed Confession of N.A.S.A. 1st director said the country of earth gonna fool everyone. With this. Food for thought.

  11. The same people that don't trust a word coming from the government, except when the government releases some UFO videos, then it's golden. Ahahah.

  12. Even if the "UFO's" people commonly see in the sky aren't aliens or any form of sentient being, it is downright selfish to ignore the fact that life MUST exist somewhere else in the cosmos…maybe we have never seen it, or never will see it; but there is no doubt some form of life exists other than Earthly life.

  13. I think I’ll take a drive out to my moms between the 8th and 18th…just to be safe LOL. She lives in the middle of nowhere and has guns

  14. All the people who have been locked away in mental hospitals for seeing “UFOs” and what not… is just insane and shows that your government doesnt care. Theyre only looking out for themselves

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