Something SCORCHED The Earth In Argentina..

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49 Comments on “Something SCORCHED The Earth In Argentina..”

  1. So….if water cant penetrate the soil where this has happened, food or anything else wont grow there? Suspicious.

  2. There's so much evidence for alien life and visitations and abductions, yet so many still don't believe, they don't want to do the research as their presuppositions about this subject gets the better of them.

  3. If the star shape is from a ufo (as potentially the snow area is accessible without making foot prints) the darker diamond shape at each point could be from contact poins or landing struts which keeps any body mass off the ground .

  4. Little green men should just come out the closet already and say something or be seen in a store getting some chips no no no seen in Walmart lmao

  5. If this isn't proof of something large and with precision, I don't know what is…INCREDIBLE PHOTO.
    A 5 pointed Star is Evil….this was 6 pointed

  6. Send this too Linda Molten Howell for further investigative reports…she would love this photo ( she has a YouTube channel )

  7. Sensationalism to the extreme !!!! That's how I would define this channel and your "conclusions"….

  8. How do we look for cases like those from your video? I really want to know what's going on out there.

  9. Only two bloody crap resolution, blurry pictures. Move closer and take pictures, take pictures from the other angles. Take macro shots.

    It's inexcusable in this day and age. Thought you were going to say this was taken twenty years ago.

    No mention of the site disappearing. Get a professional photographer FFS.

  10. Man, where did you get that new song that plays at the end of your videos? I love that sound. I need more like it.

  11. Okay so let’s approach this one with some common sense. If there was something that actually burned the start shape into the snow, there wouldn’t be such a hard distinct edge around the shape. The ground would have been hot enough where the heat radiating off would have melted the snow causing either a soft edge or a blobby type of shape. That star shape is definitely man made. I think someone took a torch, burned the shape in the ground and then piled up snow around the shape and dusted off the footprints. The rings seem more believable but still explainable

  12. Us humans vaporise substances and test what materials are contained within the whole, has this happens to these burned areas of earth?

  13. Aliens love central and South America. Makes me wonder if the refuge Caravan contains any illegal "aliens".

  14. Yeah… definitely peaceful aliens that visited. That's clearly a merikaba!

  15. The "fancier" these types of crop circle like markings, the far more likely they are hoaxes. There is no logical reason any intelligent species with the technology for interstellar travel would leave any kind of markings like that. Simple rings or rectangular indentations maybe, but not large geometrical designs.

  16. oh crap. the Jewish star. I always knew they were aliens…lol
    I gotta admit, Tyler, your amount of drama.mystifies me. OMG, SCORTHED EARTH!!!!LOL

  17. Repent&Be baptized every one of you
    in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the REMISSION OF SINS &
    Arrepentíos, y bautícese cada uno de vosotros
    en el nombre de Jesucristo para perdón de los pecados;
    y recibiréis el don del Espíritu Santo.

  18. Secure team

    I Know you are telling the people the truth about the U.F.O in the sky’s and I know it’s right because I have seen this type and shape before a few years ago land close by my home and go again before I even knew what had happened it was a diamond shape like the one in the video you showed us like a often do stand in the back door to Smoke my Pipe Of Vape now as I do

    Yes they are very real and know I was not over worried about it just come and landed to a touch down and was gone time I sorted my phone camera out got a blur photo it was all over I know longer have that photo now and it was before I knew secure team was on YouTube it was a lovely in counter now when I think back to it I’ve not forgotten about it and yes it was close very close

    Thinking back now about it been that close in and by homes it was not as anything as big as the one in the video it was much smaller the one I seen and let me please tell all the people and readers out there this also not only are there lords of different ships and E.T looking E.Ts there are also others and they are out there as much as we are here on Earth it hard to tell people who are worried That they are mostly not here to harm us and they are real like me and you there’s thing can happen in ways we yet do not understand how it done but it happens

    Going from my child days if ever any one feel very uncomfortable or fearful about this but don’t know why Can knows and are more sure of this thin just peacefully say your good bye come away and leave it alone I don’t think I should go in to too much here but just be ok about it and go in the orderly fashion and come away form that place best way I can say this is feelings of uncomfortable , fear or stress but to sense wrong or something up but don’t be the hero and it will be find al not say any more than that because this may never happen again to you even if you do ever go back or pass that same place again don’t worry honestly


  19. Tyler, I was watching this video and noticed the hexagon inside the circular formation. It looked very familiar to me. I pulled up the hexagon on the top of Saturn and it looks very similar to the circular pattern in this video. What do you think?

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