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  1. They say its planet earth passing behind the dragon 1, due to the camera angle and position of ISS during the incident these are "earth lights" lol ya right

  2. Now, at 2:32, I hope we don't get very aggressive. You know, to NOT get aggressive and attack this "visitor". In fact, we should take it as a sign and give God thanks for revealing a new phenomenon first, then wait for its reaction after approaching it. But alas, we wont do that.

  3. At 5:03, or at anytime, why is the right wing of the craft, blackened out except the lights at the tip? Shadow?then the craft must be tall as well, if it's that.

  4. Looks like a spoutnik like satellite. Probably just a normal satelite you can see a round feature a the right of the "triangle" and the light are just reflexion of the antenna/legs things. I dont think this is alien or that proves anything.

  5. Mystic Pizza! I wondered where you got to after the last time I saw Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…

  6. Did anybody say anything about this!? I feel like everybody just kind of ‘forgot’ that we saw a straight up UFO fly across the screen during this mission and watched them try to cover it up by switching cameras, during a live feed. Why the fuck has this gone unexplained?

  7. I don't know where you've been Tyler I hope you come back but the Pentagon has just admitted and released the statement that the UFOs they captured and released or that were released years ago are real with a jet fighters chasing the Tic Tacs it's real the Pentagon just admitted it today April 29th 2020

  8. Ah I found it!!!!!! This video needs to be shared everywhere and given an answer. When the beacon light flashes from the Dragon capsule, you can see what seems to be a triangular shape, wings and all. If this is real, I cannot for the life of me not understand how this is not huge news.

  9. If you turn your phone upside down and then look at that thing passing Space-X satellite and it looks like an alien head and two hands and the alien is sitting cross-legged while riding some small craft upside down. Or a bald alien or man sitting cross-legged and wearing a covid mask.

  10. I saw the same thing up close and personal in Kenduseagh Maine. I'm sure we were being stalked. That is what the underside looked like and yes it was absolutely massive.

  11. Jimmy has a good video taken from the E-Ceti property clearly capturing a UFO exiting an opening doorway in Mount Shasta its a reality cool catch, check it out !

  12. the thing lurking behind the dragon capsule looks like a plane , you're seeing the left half due to sunlight 2:47 , as the flare up/jet release form the capsule it momentarily lights the other half up

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