SPACE FORCE Could Take Over RAMPED UP Gov't UFO Investigations As More Funding, Resources Proposed

Team Rising discusses the Pentagon’s plans to prioritize investigation into UFOs.

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45 Comments on “SPACE FORCE Could Take Over RAMPED UP Gov't UFO Investigations As More Funding, Resources Proposed”


  2. Read the bible, they always been here.
    Everyone has a HD camera on their phones, it's being seen by many, it been seen in the past written on stone.
    Can't protect planet from wormwood, weather changes much? Volcanoes erupting much? Floods much?
    Bible tells us everything

  3. The Military don't want to investigate UFOs because they get bribed by the Industrial Military Complex of Lockheed/Martin, Boing & Douglas Aircraft to sell them the UFO engineering info!

  4. These commentators sound like they're pretty smart people and know what they're talking about but good God could they put a little bit of life in the way that they talk. I have to drink two cups of coffee to get through an hour's worth of their show.

  5. When they begin to demonize extraterrestrial aliens as an existential threat, don't believe them. Their technologies are thousands to millions or billions of years beyond ours. If their intent was to destroy us or enslave us or exploit us, they would have already done so. Therefore, the only reason to demonize them is to justify increased budgets.

    Remember, once something, anything, becomes organized, its motivations change from whatever they were originally to self-preservation and growth.

  6. We shouldn't be so dismissive of the point "the Pentagon really doesn't want to come to Congress and answer a bunch of questions".

    That's the problem. They don't disclose what they know, nor what they are actively doing about it. 9/10/01 The Pentagon announced they were looking into over $3 Trillion dollars in budget shortfalls, and the next day the office doing that review was hit by a stolen passenger plane.

    And for some odd reason, because of a training operation happening the same day, fighter jets were unsuccessful in defending the building.

    Oh. And can anyone show me a picture of where the wings went because the holes made in the twin towers didn't look at all like the hole in the Pentagon.

    Just like the holes in this press release and chatter point.

  7. It's better to have the airforce investigate UAPs because they are not actually in space, but within the range that the Air Force patrols.

  8. Remember, any civilization that has survived long enough to develop technologies capable of interstellar travel has already solved the problems we now face as a species – which means, they learned how to get along with each other, despite their differences. And, they have learned how to peacefully exist with other species. We can learn from them. They are not a threat. There is nothing we have on Earth that they could not find elsewhere on countless other planets throughout the Universe that are unpopulated or populated with species that they would have no need to "conquer."

  9. can't pay no doctor bill.

    (but Whitey's on the moon)

    Ten years from now I'll be payin' still.

    (while Whitey's on the moon)

  10. Why should it go to the space force? How can they possibly be sure that they’re from “outer space” anyway? I mean they could be from other/higher dimensions, not necessarily space, as we colloquially define it.

  11. Ok, silly thread, but Rachel's response, "Why wouldn't the Space Force want to be involved with this? It's so exciting." seems totally inappropriate. Shouldn't we assign responsibility to the most appropriate agency rather than blindly give all exciting opportunities to whichever agency is the newest or is garnering the most media attention?

  12. I assume the Air Force and Navy are spending their time and resources preparing for Earth based threats.

  13. The whole UFO investigation is manufacturing consent so the US can violate treaties and put satellite weapons in space. Sad to see the Hill carrying the narrative.

  14. I’m glad to hear the statement from the democrat on the panel. Thank you for your objectivity and not politicizing this.

  15. Space force, a new branch of military that will eat up more tax revenue to pay the MIC

    However maybe we can at least use it for that instead of for killing people?

  16. Many high-ranking government whistleblowers say the US Space Force was created in the late 1940s after the first crashed extraterrestrial ships were reverse-engineered and open contact with alien civilizations was made, and that the US space fleet has had bases on the moon since the mid-1950s. They say the US military knew it had to create a cover program, so in 1958 it created NASA, which had the mission since day one of preventing the public from knowing the truth of alien life and having access to the moon and Mars, while pretending publicly (surely with tongue in cheek) that it actually had the mission of FINDING alien life and GRANTING the public access to the moon and Mars. The "establishment" of the USSF in 2019 is just the beginning of slow disclosure, because they know they can't keep up the (real) Big Lie much longer, given the increasing number of whistleblowers and SpaceX soon to discover their moon and Mars bases. Time to start demanding truth.

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