Space Force News #32 – Muons – UFO Sightings Surge – Russian Military Buildup In Arctic

Space Force News Live #32 w/ Alara & Foil 6pm PST/9pm EST

We will be covering the latest in space force and defense news, as well as fascinating discoveries in science, space, and advanced technologies.

Topics Covered This Episode: Space Force Absorbs USAF Command, Starbase Trespass, Elon Musk Jurassic Park?, Neuralink Monkey Pong, U.S./Iran Stalemate, Philippines welcomes U.S. backing, Merkel/China friendship, Russian Military buildup in Arctic, Egypt’s Lost Gold City, Muons – New Force of Nature, Methane eating bacteria, Japan Orbital Trashmaster, Hypersonic Weapon Failure, Earth 300 Gigayacht, UFO Sightings Surge, UFO images leaked from Pentagon, Drone Swarms, and more…

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11 Comments on “Space Force News #32 – Muons – UFO Sightings Surge – Russian Military Buildup In Arctic”

  1. Im not even a huge "puffin freak" fan but omg those shirts are ADORABLE and the back is perfect. A++++++ ladies!

  2. Please please PLEASE, when you open an article, don't leave the video ads playing, it's so distracting we can't even pay attention to what you're saying. Seriously, scroll up when ads are playing on the articles for the love of God

  3. My girlfriend and I both have trypophobia, so glad you guys mentioned the phenomenon, I was not surprised no one was affected by the pictures but I can't look at them

  4. In the documentary series Pyramid Code they interview an old gentleman who lives in Egypt and used to be able to go in the tunnels underneath the Sphynx. If you're into Egypt you should check it out!

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