Star Trek Beyond The Fiction | Secret Technology & Hidden Messages..

Stories that last, last because they are telling us truths about ourselves. And I believe that is the reason that Star Trek is as vivid and alive today as when it first hit our screens more than half a century ago in 1966. FREE Newsletter : | Paul’s Book “Escaping from Eden” U.S: – U.K

And the specific truths it tells are to do with our origins as a species, our challenges in this life, and our potential as a sentient, conscious species.

(Reuploaded from 1st May – fixed sound issue)

Our world mythologies and our ancestral narratives point to an ET origin to life on Earth, an ET intervention in our ancestors’ evolution a covert ET presence surrounding planet Earth. They talk about a struggle with non-material forces, archonic energies, with which we have to contend in order to achieve a happy, harmonious life in this world and in the cosmos.

Those stories surface time and time again in the Star Trek canon. When Gene Roddenberry brought Star Trek to life in 1966 few could have guessed at its resonance and longevity. 10 television series. 3 movie franchises. 13 Movies. Along with his creative team, Roddenberry created a world in which our ancestors could re-tell their stories. In the Star Trek universe, the story of The United Federation of Planets begins when a spaceship of humanoid extra-terrestrials in the sector detects the signature of a warp engine being deployed above planet Earth.

The warp signature signals to the galaxy that the human race has just achieved the capacity for interstellar travel. The ET’s from the planet Vulcan quickly arrive and make first contact…Star Trek Discovery -Full of hidden messages

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing vids and for connecting the dots in a comprehensive manner, as well as being articulate and a marvelous narrator. I've been studying cultures around the world for 18yrs now, and you sir are one of the best.
    May the All keep and bless you throughout your life.
    Cheers. James. Australia ☺


  3. They say theres no life on Venus. I saw a Djinn they are tall and made of fire like Venus. They travel in orange balls of plasma

  4. Since humans have advanced in technology why can't we fly a drone straight into the Bermuda triangle?

  5. Did U know that a young gene Roddenberry was a personal assistant to a high level member of the builderberg group!!, and was present in the background of a few of these meetings. Gotta wonder where he got some of his ideas, or granted use of info.

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  7. What are you talking about, Ive never been so happy. My algorithms work pretty well. They point me to videos like yours which I enjoy watching in the evening when I retire to my bedroom. 🙂 btw what you said was that the algorithms are making everyone miserable, etc..

  8. Hi, thanks so much for your amazing work. Have you read "the only planet of choice"? Discusses this subject in a brilliant new light.

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  10. It's funny the way they told the story of the Tower of Babel in my church growing up. They thought that a bunch of people were building a mud break tower that got too tall. And God struck them because it was too tall. And they made it sound like the people just all of a sudden were speaking different languages and got confused and just walked off.

  11. I was into the 1st TV series as a kid ; not so much w/ the movies or other TV versions since, with a few exceptions of some of the earliest films.

  12. Ok Paul,now you've done it mate!.
    You're a Trekkie as well?!.
    Dead set legend.
    Now, it is well known that not all Trekkies are Star Wars fans but any real Sci-fi enthusiast must appreciate it for the impact the original trilogy made.
    George Lucas very openly attributed his creation to the archetypal mythologies of history.
    He was also an avid follower of Joseph Cambell.
    His close friend and contemporary Steven Spielberg is another obvious person to include.
    As I am sure you are aware,the conversations around such people often end up circling back to "what inside information were they privvy to?".
    Arthur C Clarke,Asimov,and the list goes on!.
    Great stuff thanks Paul.
    I will have to check out your piece on the Federation/Borg.
    Very cool thanks,

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  14. Star trek is all reptilians , and reptilian stories of their journey through space ! And their encounters on other planet's, I know one of them and that's what she told me !

  15. I Remember yes and space craft yes it did crazy things I don’t think the think we are good anoth to have thease things I do believe Aliens come to earth all the time some live hear and work with people in USA one and other places yes some thing is going on we don’t lie what they see there lots in the skys going on you told what did hear about the sky people they keep the Universe in order yes do they may be different from but still the same kinder same as us but way in front of us yes they there true maybe they Angels we talking two yes true that’s what think Blessings Love Light

  16. I have said Gene Roddenbury knew stuff for some time. It carries on throughout all of the spin offs

  17. Very interesting Paul. Your expose' about Chernobyl had my spine tngling!
    When we were kids in the 50's, we would rush home from school to listen to Adventures of Dick Tracey. There, in that show, Dick was equipped with a "Wrist Watch Phone"! True science fiction then, now science fact. How often in this age has fiction become fact? I often pondered the fact of wether this stuff is "enbedded" in our DNA? It certainly appears so. As we evolve, more fascinating things happen. The future looks bright. Bring it on!

  18. I'm honestly questioning everything after watching a lot of your videos.
    The reason for my post is to ask if you've ever researched the fact that people whom ere schizo effective are actually seeing real things. Like with the negative "hallucinations" , what if those people are actually seeing real things on a completely different level. Like how the major physicists out there, like degrasse Tyson, are saying we're living in a higher dimension of thought but that there are more. I've never done dmt but i wonder where it really takes you or does for people to do what they do, for it. But yeah have you ever looked into this stuff. What if their hallucinations are actually real? You're yt channel has been very educational. Thank you!

  19. People cannot deny that science fiction has many things to think about.

    While some relate too exactly to a specific film, genre or series in science fiction, truth may evolve from linking clues from several areas.

    We also must examine human psychology, social behaviour and not leave out ideas that are not in a 'spiritual realm'. We must accept that humans have some very innate problems. Homo sapiens sapiens has developed some competitive and deceptive behaviour. It was more likely the more cannibalistic and dominating species have overall been increasing. Our psychologists regard being able to lie convincingly in five/six-year-olds, as a marker of higher intelligence.

    We are faced with a reality, where we have enough humans with psycho-sociopathic behaviour, able to deceive others, rising to the top of business corporations and government, we may not need external forces. Although we may feel good about humans, the truth is there are always Hitlers, Pol Pot etc. in our midst. Now, however, these psycho-sociopaths may also be smart enough to stay out of public view, while keeping incompetent clowns in the media to distract us from pragmatic things we must do – not to just attach ourselves to the mindless controlling hyperspace.

    It is humans with the worst of technology, easy access to all knowledge, the 0.01%, we are being distracted from. Humans are not all the same – some have no empathy, as 'reptilian brained' humans. It is mammalian parental care for their young that evolved into empathy for others.

    Talk of alien beings that humans can do nothing about doesn't seem to arrive at anything pragmatic we can do, even incrementally, to bring a proper kind of democracy to Earth. Most of my family and friends have now died; those with humanitarian thinking have died or been made to retire from face-to-face contact with the public.

    We have a microcosm of Earth's situation in our rural, segregated, divided and dementing population. Few can see or talk of reality. Our parliament house, our institutions and parasitic organisations are almost totally controlled by the psycho-sociopaths. Humans, particularly those with mental illnesses are much more easily manipulated.

    In Buddhism, we generally don't use the word 'evil', but I'm finding that 'evil' is the right word for what I have seen in later years. We can be tempted to just leave things for 'gods' to do, or to blame, but we should actually be doing something pragmatic. Where are the real people?

  20. I remember seen a 1950's comic book with a picture with the discription of a face on Mars Now how did they know about this figure on Mars when we didn't find out till they finally got the satellite 70s or 80s Robot to Mars what late 90's or 2000 Who was it or what was it that knew back in the 50"s that they had some type of advanced technology to get to Mars besides aliens or other beans correct me if I'm wrong with dates please & thanks was it Germany that made it First to the moon maybe mars not

  21. this is happening with earth they feed off our moods for energy some of these species he's right

  22. I believe that this explanation is exactly the way things truly are. i"ve suspected this for many years mainly because, well, it's the only thing that makes complete perfect sense.

  23. I cannot wait untill everything ( The Truth ) comes out for the masses to know. It's sad that some will not believe & understand the truth. But, I suppose like everything there are people that will remain Ignorant, because they can't Handel the truth. I have a neighbor that still cannot believe space travel is real. She calls it ""FAKE NEWS"" & will never wake up.

  24. Damn that has hit the spot……. do I resonate with this because I’ve grown up watching all star treks? Or perhaps it all just makes sense?

  25. My question is are the protecting we humans or are they protecting a paradise of life that is the earth

  26. I watch this one three times back to back loved it however you’re talking about old Star Trek new Star Trek is a dumpster fire

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  28. The Teacher told me that man (military) is trying to open portals, but is a long way off from knowing how to do it. "Thankfully," said Teacher.

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