STARLINK Satellite Constellation on Night Vision (36 Total) (04/16/2020)

Last night we filmed the SpaceX Starlink Satellite Constellation! We managed to get 36 of them, in 17 minutes, in one uncut video. The video also includes other satellites and a few airplanes. The video is full length, at actual speed, so as to replicate the observation for other UFO Investigators.

The satellites appeared for us around 20:53 PM PST in Bakersfield, CA and ended around 21:10 PM PST. They were headed from the southwest to the northeast. They also seemed to be staggered, so as not to be right behind each other, assuming all of them are Starlink satellites. The observation lasted roughly 17 minutes to see 36 satellites appear and disappear. That’s a long time!!! They were undoubtedly visible to people throughout Central and Southern California. The satellites would have originated out over the Pacific Ocean, then made their way over Central California, over land, on their way to Northern Nevada.

Tracey and I are so stoked to have captured Starlink finally! Hopefully my identification of the stars was correct but the Constellation they were traveling through was Auriga.

Field Observation #11307
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Date: 04/16/2020
Time: 20:53 PM PST
Observed Object: SpaceX Starlink Constellation
Video Type: Infrared Night Vision
Weather: Slight Wind + Partly Cloudy

Wikipedia – “As 3 April 2020 — with 358 satellites of the constellation in orbit — SpaceX is targeting service in the Northern U.S. and Canada by late 2020, SpaceX is launching 60 satellites at a time, aiming to deploy more than 1,500 of the quarter-ton spacecraft to provide near-global service by late 2021 or 2022.” (

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28 Comments on “STARLINK Satellite Constellation on Night Vision (36 Total) (04/16/2020)”

  1. Its a regular UFO army. I wonder they are going and what will result from it. Good observation. Greetings from Poland.

  2. I saw these satellites last month more than 5 times with another objects comming from different directions, here over Romania (Eastern European Country) a lot of strange things happened lately from loud booms to crazy triangular ufos in the skies. We have here a large US military base, I think there are some connections between this ufo activity and and the military.

  3. I saw them today at 9:30 pm from Romania, they were coming from south-west and going to north-east. An interesting view, they were moving fast, I didn't see all of them, I didn't count them. When I got outside the house their walking on the sky was already started. I guess the only logical explanation is that they were those satelites as they looked very similar to the ones I saw here.

  4. have seen them in slovenia too. thought i was going damned mad! but, this will ruin the evening sky. should be stopped or made invisible!

  5. 4/18 /20. . . Around 8:45 pm l just counted 36 over California . Who knows how many before it caught my eye

  6. Hey guy's, when you get rid of your old night camera …send it my way.. that video is brilliant. just shows whats above our heads and people fret over 5G…more chace of a sat coming down and hitting us!

  7. I think you've missed a satellite count going down at 33-34 point! it was very dim… on the bottom right.
    But great video any way!!

  8. The wife and I saw these on the same evening from New Mexico. We counted 24 on one track and 12 on a second track approximately 3 degrees apart.

  9. I saw them in Long Beach on the 15th around 9 pm and on the 16th around 9:30. Definitely amazing to see for the first time until you realize that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos wants to put thousands of these small satellites in low orbit over the next few years. It's definitely going to ruin the night sky in about a decade from now if they are that bright and pass by every few minutes like the endless trail of lights among the flight path to LAX across SoCal only on steroids across the night sky.

  10. So many Satellites in the sky we need traffic controller's to monitor them.
    Question, I want to know what type of equipment do I need to Sky Watch like you?

  11. Oh well he is the real iron man after all one of these days you will see him fly by in his suit hands a waving giving you the good ol uncle Sam salute with his cigar stop it

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