STAY AWAY From These Military Islands!

Nobody knows exactly what happens at both San Nicolas Island and San Clemente Island. The two secluded military islands, located off the coast of Southern California, operated by the United States Navy, are dedicated to military testing, military research, warfare simulations, and combat training (ex: U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Marines, Missiles, Aircraft, Submarines, etc..). Tim takes viewers on a tour of the military installations/islands using Google Earth and relays publicly available information. Tim also covers some history about San Nicolas Island including a 50 year old Native American woman was discovered on the island alone in 1853. So if you’re ever out off the coast of Southern California, stay away from these two military islands!

San Clemente Island:
San Nicolas Island:
San Clemente Island Military Range Detailed PDF:
Naval Outlying Field San Nicolas Island:
Naval Base Ventura County:
Point Mugu:
Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme
Submarine Canyon:
Pictures of San Nicolas Island by Weather Station Employee?:
Channel Islands National Park:
Dog Burial San Nicolas Island:
Picture of Lone Woman on San Nicolas Island:
The Search for the Lost Indian Cave of San Nicolas Island:

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49 Comments on “STAY AWAY From These Military Islands!”

  1. Thankyou Tim and Tracy… 43 mins of ufo seekers goodness!!!
    I'm in with the 1st comment, but if you're a patreon supporter, you get that. Jump on board everyone😍✨👽

  2. This is a cool format and enjoy learning about the secret facilities and what all is there.

  3. Geia sou Tim and Tracey…Please can you make a video regarding the receiving of a signal comint from a constellation every 16 days?why they are not talking about this?

  4. You can go on google reviews for most private places. IBM’s Café apparently has the best breakfast burritos.

  5. I'm sorry around 18 min , you show stuff from friends araund rhe 90,s and say maybe the Chinees can steel that stuff ¿

  6. I wish you could investigate uk military, and the control off the royal family. We all know princess diana was an undercover mi5 mi6 work of the royal family

  7. Tony Ridrigues said "Diego Garcia Island" is UFO related island,
    but very few people on that island is fully aware of what really is going on.

  8. Tim…Do the same type of presentation with UTTR ( area 52) and Dugway Utah. Just dying to find out more stuff. Also how about that big isolated base in Colorado! Always a thumbs up and love you guys.

  9. These islands are used for testing experimental electronic warfare, subsurface warfare, ship to air warfare and submarine communications. Those buildings you said that harbor missiles are actually covering electronic equipment and countermeasures that will be used on ships. The launcher you showed on the second island is a MK 26 GMLS (guided missile launching system) used on naval ships. They are still used to launch test missiles such as the Harpoon, Standard 1 and 2 missiles. The islands need to be isolated so civilian electronics and personnel do not get hurt during testing. The facilities you pointed out on the second island, just near the runway are actually fuel tanks for Jet A fuel. I would love to go on but I literally do not have the time to explain what this island is used for.

  10. Pretty sure this is close to where that massive under water UFO base is? Coincidence? Don't think so..

  11. those domes are just weather radar. most likely doppler and other x band radars. theres nothing secretive about them. they are all over the place and are not secret.

  12. It would be interesting to know if there are any airspace restrictions or NOTAMS for those Navy Islands.

  13. Sure China & Russia have better photos of all these facilities. My uncle told was at Port hueneme/ San Nicolas during Y2K stuff, said the island was very important and would have to kill me if he told me what was going on there.

  14. lol Google Reviews for any restaurant/bar on military bases isn't like Classified Info my dude. It's just a bar like any other.

  15. Best one ever. I recalled her history, very sad. Imagine being the last of you peoples. ( They should have left her there) But is that cruel? Two dogs, you were right, sacrifice, leaves them out for the gods but to bury them is personal (friends) very cool.

  16. I was stationed a NOLF San Nicolas Island/NBVC. I was stationed at SNI from 2007 to 2008. I also served on board USS Nimitz during the tic tac incident in 2004. I heard and saw somethings that i have yet to be able to explain to myself. The commet regarding Navy Seals, they do their training around Imperial Beach under Naval Station Coronado as well as in Little Creek

  17. When i was stationed at sni , we flew out of point mugu and as far as what Rates /MOS that are stationed on the Island….at sni we were there to support the DoD staff that were assigned there.

  18. I sportfished for 4 months off san clemente island was beautiful .did see a lot of crazy navy training.

  19. "Nobody knows exactly what happens" at San Nicolas Island and San Clemente Island?
    Haha, no. Plenty of people know exactly what happens there, and honestly, it's as mundane as anywhere else.
    Reviews for The Salty Crab are all over Google because the Salty Crab isn't secret. It's just a bar. Why wouldn't it get reviewed?
    For that matter, nothing much of anything on San Clemente is particularly secret. I had the opportunity to visit the island a few years ago, when I was in the Navy. I was there for a few days, and there were no escorts, guards, or other security to keep people from wandering more or less wherever they wanted (which I did – it's a desert island with not much to do, so I spent most of each day hiking around and exploring).
    I can tell you from personal experience that the only place I really wasn't allowed to go to was the SEAL training camp area, for obvious safety reasons, so I avoided that. Otherwise, though? There didn't seem to be anything to hide. If there was, they certainly weren't trying.
    No offense, but most of your speculations in this video are mostly way off. The only particularly accurate and particularly interesting thing about San Clemente is that, yes, BUDS training phase 3 is there, but that's public knowledge going in, so… I don't know what else to tell you.
    Been there. Done it. Wasn't much to see, unless you like being sequestered with very little to do on a thorny, scrubby desert island (I loved it, but I suspect most people would not). Sorry to disappoint.

  20. You said maybe Naval personnel shouldn't post certain things about the base on Google…agreed! But perhaps you shouldn't be giving such detailed information on such things that your privy to as a U.S. citizen yourself! As if it weren't for your information I wouldn't have known of the bases location and purpose! Even though it is accessible through public domain doesn't mean you should leak it! Don't get me wrong I know our enemies especially China are aware of such locations! I just don't think we should be helping them by giving a tutorial on Google Earth as to the ins and outs of our U.S. military bases no matter how benign it seems!

  21. Actually a lot of what goes on out on these islands is mostly telemetry and most islands have a navy presence and are part of a naval sea range off the coast of California. A lot of conservation of wildlife is being done as well.

  22. I’ve fished from boat near SCI and I’ve seen cool stuff like small boats towing targets and that kind of stuff

  23. You missed the anti swimmer dolphin pens. Oh man… you know even guys that have been seals for 25 years go for what’s called a work up, before going on a mission. It’s mission specific training sometimes the work up can be over a year long….

  24. No reason to have a pilot in a aircraft anymore 🤣😂🤣 go watch the MIT on F22 flight controls from ground school cause that test pilot that’s flown 76 different types of jets would highly disagree with you. The pilot will always be in the cockpit.

  25. Agis class missile destroyers go and encircle any country we fear will nuke us. North Korea… they will be what shoots down any attack attempt and it will happen real close to the point of launch and before the missile gets out of the atmosphere.

  26. Do you think that maybe that info is meant for disinformation? Maybe it's all wrong so that the real stuff can stay hidden?

  27. I live in San Diego, ive been to the channel Islands park, and I've actually seen the island fox. I've been to Catalina 3x as well. Interesting video thank you. Btw Catalina island very goes from Dana point and long beach

  28. I’m a commercial fisherman off Southern California and fish all the islands often. I’m at San Clemente island fishing about twice a week and tons on naval activity around. It’s not uncommon to hear them firing off rounds from the fishing grounds. Also a few submarines, always warships and other naval vessels patrol and test their systems around the island. Aircraft are always in the air but occasionally see some crazy stuff

  29. I am sure they are doing a lot of things we wouldn’t want to believe! Usually a US military bases is built on a ley line. Some energy area. If you research/look you will see the pattern. We do not live on a world that most think we do. A lot spiritual things go on more than you know.

  30. Why would they have this open to look at online?
    It really doesn’t say much for our intelligence dept. Well unless they’re just trying to hide the important ones elsewhere and are willing to sacrifice these. Which is still not cool for our members of the military.

  31. Trust me not a lot goes on at San Clemente island except drinking. I was stationed there for three years. Nothing special about this place UFO or national security wise.

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