Stephen Hawking backs $100m venture to listen for aliens – BBC News

Prof Stephen Hawking has launched a new effort to answer the question of whether there is life elsewhere in space. The £64m ($100m) initiative is said to be the biggest yet in support of the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. The 10-year effort will listen for broadcast signals from a million of the stars closest to Earth.
Pallab Ghosh reports.

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20 Comments on “Stephen Hawking backs $100m venture to listen for aliens – BBC News”

  1. He should not waste his money on this, if there is life out there it's ether most likely going to be 100+ million years ahead of us, or 100+ million years behind us on the evolutionary scale!  If there are advanced beings out there, they would have spoken to us, & if they are behind us, why bother! At this point it very likely that we are the most advance species in the galaxy….. something to think about!

  2. It's like spending £100m looking for an alien needle somewhere on the haystack we call Earth!

  3. the smartest man in the world is the dumbest person alive. NASA has the answers. land a civilian lunar module to locate facilities and the lights on the moon. WHEN they are found, NASA will be forced to release the secret programs, to include alien contact after the fall of Hitler.

  4. if they do come, might wanna destroy all the bullshit we say about them lol,we kill them all the time in movies. apparent ufo crashes etc and portray them as hideous creatures that have no remorse of concept of will or reason but yet still smart enough to be able to fly light years through space.

  5. hawk when they visit this planet, I also know like many others do that their spacecraft are silent so one would think that they live in a world that is silent. we won't find the world they are from.

  6. If aliens are so "intelligent" and "advanced" why would they want to invade us? Colonising some new terroritory could be something they want to do, but other than that these so called "Aliens" would have atleast attacked us by now as the rumours of distant life were going on for several hundred years..

  7. HAWKINGS has flip flopped on god and aliens a few times so how can he be taken very seriously . i watched his documentary where he stated aliens would never be able to make the trek to earth nor would they want to based on the facts that the earth would have nothing they needed ( UNKNOWN ) and there space ship would not be able to make the journey ( UNKNOWN ) He even drew a diagram of what a alien space ship would look like ,,,,,,,, only a quack or an alien could assume or know that .

  8. Personally I strongly think that a Civilization And Race Of Highly Intelligently Advanced Aliens exists somewhere out there deep in the very Vastness Of our own Universe and Cosmos Beyond our Solar System to be exact but I strongly doubt that they’re coming to Earth and Abducting People To be Taken Onboard their Spaceships While In Which is One Thing That I’ve always been Skeptical About Like Stephen Hawking And Carl Alike !!!!

  9. The mistake that SETI scientists are making is that what they are searching for is a lot closer than they thought.

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