STEVEN GREENSTREET • UFO Disclosure, Lue Elizondo and The Pentagon

Steven Greenstreet of The New York Post and The Basement Office joins The Singularity Lab to discuss UFO Disclosure, Lue Elizondo, and the Pentagon!

Steven reveals NEW information about the Pentagon’s confusing and contradictory statements on UFOs that led to a Department of Defense IG complaint filed by Lue Elizondo. He shares new exclusive details about his communication with the Pentagon spokesperson and reveals, for the first time, documents never seen by the public.

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13 Comments on “STEVEN GREENSTREET • UFO Disclosure, Lue Elizondo and The Pentagon”

  1. they might just be following orders to obfuscate and cover up though we're talking as if the motives are their own.

  2. It doesn't matter what people think that do pod cast about extraterrestrials..or authors or news media stations.

    It matters to us people who have already made contact with extraterrestrials And those who have been abducted like me..

    Those who talk about this subject that haven't made contact are just wasting time..

    Meanwhile… me a person who drove a ufo with extraterrestrials sees all of you

    Talking and I can't talk to the new york post or the government or the military because they don't want to hear from us..because we know more than all of you..

    And someone like me can't get an interview

    It's like an act of Congress ..trying to help anyone.. and I'm the one with all the proper physical proof of everything.

  3. Ya'll do good work, need to do a little marketing and grow your exposure, more cross promotion with people like greenstreet that get good view numbers. Rooting for yall!

  4. Like Jazz, I hesitate to expect anything meaningful from the report. Consequence of being of a certain age.

  5. Yep, we usually have no idea what anyone else is doing. Siloing is pretty intense. Yay government work. The funny part is when you think "the higher ups must know more about what's going on around here" and find out.. nope. They don't know either lol

  6. So why don’t we do something like the phone home a donation to Luis Elizondo, And raise money for a college fund for his kids to say thank you to him.

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