Strange Glowing UFO Orbs Sighted over Cajon Pass Mountain while Driving on Highway in California

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21 Comments on “Strange Glowing UFO Orbs Sighted over Cajon Pass Mountain while Driving on Highway in California”

  1. Thank you for watching! 👀 Make sure to ACTIVATE the NOTIFICATION BELL 🔔 and press on “ALL” so you won't miss any future upload! 🛸

  2. When 3 lock in a triangle position, while a forth one runs around, tells me they bring their own triangulation system (GPS) with them.
    My bet would be they are scout drones scanning the area. BTW, there are 2 nuclear reactors between Sand Diego and LA, right by the ocean.
    Not to mention the nuclear subs and ships at San Diego Navy Yard.

  3. 1:16 lol who knows, looked like low clouds that shrouded them somewhat, the odd lights below and or their window reflection causes an issue as well, a lot of times videos like this are commercial, house or cars lights on a mountain which is shrouded by clouds

  4. Blurry dots? Sorry but in this day and age it could easily be called drones or something else. The evidence has to be better than this. Come on man this channel is better than this. If you report this stuff probably better to save it for a compilation or something.

  5. Seriously, why is the quality shit on so many people's phones still. My iphone is better than this at night .

  6. 3 blurry dots filmed through glass at 144p. Its a good thing the filmer was carrying their 20 year old Nokia Flip phone to capture this historic moment

  7. I only know one thing for sure. Since the Phoenix Lights and likely well before I have seen this exact pattern of lights globally and as they are always floating not flying and always totally silent…..don't think we have any of those LOL

  8. Not too amazed when it slowly disappeared, planes do that all the time behind clouds even very light clouds. Very strange though good capture.

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