Strange Illuminated Spherical UFO Object Filmed Below Clouds over North Carolina's Coastline

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27 Comments on “Strange Illuminated Spherical UFO Object Filmed Below Clouds over North Carolina's Coastline”

  1. Make sure to ACTIVATE the NOTIFICATION BELL 🔔 and press on “ALL” so you won't miss any future upload! 🛸

  2. How many people couldn’t click this fast enough because of the woman in the thumbnail?
    👋 me 🤣👍

  3. interesting, the tell for me is the time of day, looks to be sunset, at which time objects can get lit up form underneath making them look luminous, a balloon of some kind is my guess with the other objects being birds and bugs, if it was up there for hours i would had a ton of video of it with an actual video camera but i realize people have lives and it really wasnt doing much other then floating it seems

  4. Awesome video..I was really glad that u showed the ones passing by the back ground… I was just thinking it's really cool to know that we now know its only obvious there is reall ufo's and it's apparent that it's not a figment of our imaginations or swamp gas… thank u for having a site we can all watch having a place to be with other ufo nuts… an we dam sure don't need the Government to tell us we're crazy
    .or that they're reall or not…

  5. Of all the ufos reported the light spheres are most common and I know for a fact they are real. They are different sizes and colors and will come right up to people. They fly very low a lot as well. Wish we could find out what they are.

  6. It's a weird one , maybe a flare or a shiny balloon reflecting the sun ? I don't think it's a you eff

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