STRANGE LIGHTS Caught on Video in Mojave Desert (2017)

On this night they’re UFO Hunting near Edwards Air Force Base when strange lights emerge from a mountainside! This was in January, 2017. Our position was Boron, CA just outside the northern perimeter of Edwards Air Force Base. We were facing north towards Red Rock Canyon and Jawbone Canyon. If this was vehicles (we don’t think so) it would have to be a large group all with the same lights, that shine to the side (towards our camera) instead of headlights pointed straight. Notice how some go down, while others go left.

Go to original youtube video here UC9mVNQu54jwGf_eNBWlCb7w

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  1. Upon further review, if you are on the north side of the base looking northwest, then these mountains are not a part of the base. So probably like someone said earlier just some off road vehicles with their LED light bars turned on. You can see some of them actually moving like cars. Bye.

  2. +UFO Seekers,
    Cmon guys, you got to get a far better lens AND THOSE ARE JUST VEHICLES IN CONVOY DOWN A MOUNTAIN ROAD.

  3. I live in Neenach CA, which is in the same area as EAFB and I've seen those fiery lights coming from the mountains before. Always thought they were bonfires.

  4. I am impressed by this video, the radio traffic indicates some kind of operation was going on. Keep up the good work, Tim.

  5. Uncontrolled flight is a flight thats under testing,which they do not know the outcome of…closed means stay out of area…and in the blind means secure channels….so they are testing something extra ordinary…the left objects lights seem to be rotating..?…some may be vehicles…two of them are definitly not…very odd…

  6. I’ve walked on that mountain you’re observing Edwards from… really good light shows occur between the AFRL and Mojave… see them while jogging during the mornings 0300-0800

  7. Was this filmed near Edwards AFB seen something similar in Uk years ago wiltshire uk not far off a mil test area

  8. Likely US Forest Service/Truck/Off Road Vehicles LED bars…/freq and bands match LED spectrum/Blue White in particular if image is untainted.

  9. I live wright on street that you made a video shooting. You where on united street next to sierra hwy, 14 fwy on silver queen ecit. Its a gold mining operations heavy trucks. They work mostly at night because of too much dust fay make day time looks horrible. So no ufo artound us. Wright behind you is edwards air force base. All new airplanes and spaceplanes are getting tested in mojave. But if ufo try to fly around eafb it will be fried momentarily yo. God bless America

  10. Are you certain the objects are not the headlights of vehicles coming down the highway from Bakersfield and Tehachapi?

  11. Just watched this "vid". Sorry but all you have are ATV driving down a ridge line road. The always descend, never ascend . LED light bars……..looks good, but, NOPE…sorry!

  12. That's Highway 58 coming down from Tehachapi to Barstow if you watch the lights you can see the cars off the right side coming down the mountain

  13. Driving through the mojave desert as i was coming back from Las Vegas, i saw a light on the side of the road that took off really fast. Must have been around 9:30pm

  14. I saw one of these over fountain valley in orange county about the same year. I go out to Mojave all the time and wish I saw this like you did!

  15. That reminded me of two things. The Marfa lights in Marfa TX and the show from the late sevetys early eightyish Insearch of with Loenard Nemoy. You have some really good content here, keep up the good work!

  16. This looks so contrived with the music and drones flashing. lol Anyway, people love this stuff so go for it boys.

  17. I’ve seen this on Vancouver Island, BC. I had a very close encounter more than once in my yard, and followed theses lights I was seeing from my deck, that led me to a UFO landing site like this. They got so close to me that I saw craft details, and a being in the craft, among a dolphin 🐬 looking being/entity. If you see it, it changes you. We are definitely not alone in the universe. Seeing is believing.

  18. I've seen many UFO's in my life I can't count them all but this was the best sighting I've ever seen caught On a recording! Extremely well done what a great Show!

  19. It really looked like emergency vehicles responding to something I'm a believer in It is but hate to burst ya bubble but saw too many flashing lights to know that was search and rescue going to a crash somewhere

  20. I believe there are things we can't see/explain in the conventional world. However there is just way too much desire to see things that actually only exist in our fantasies and imaginations. So I need to explain what looked like UFOs materializing out of no where above ground.

    Theory 1: weak wildfires, which are starting and stopping intermittently in the nearby mountains. The start and stop timeframe coincides with the upward movement of the wind going up the hills. This coincidence is so indistinguishable from the distance of many miles, that it appears as though there is something flying or floating when really it is just a trick of the eye.

    Theory 2: Some sort of new flight technology being tested by the gov that happens to involve light, and maybe even secret caves built into the hills It is after all in one of the most dense air force base/airport regions of North America ( there are more than just the Edwards Air Force Base in the region).

    Theory 3: City lights on the horizon flicker.

    Theory 4: Run for cover to the bunker cuz we got some Aliens up in this!!!

    Really cool video though and even as a sceptic, it gave me the chills!

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