Strange Mars : Spaceship | Alien Sculpture | Marte Rovers

Mars Rover Curiosity found alien sculpture shapes , broken spaceship parts on Mars Surface during it’s Mission. What are those? UFO? Crashed Alien Spacecraft? Space debris? Or, maybe just rocks eroded by the strong Martian wind. Is it indicate Life on Mars? Please let us know in comment below. Perseverance Rover is also at Mars Now. (Planeta Marte)

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4 Comments on “Strange Mars : Spaceship | Alien Sculpture | Marte Rovers”

  1. Why can't they make the so-called robber get a little closer so we can really see what it is they always show us the one from far away then they make one for them at a close-up range the one they don't show us

  2. Could any of these so called spaceships be some of the many failed landing's of ours and other countries? Have they even found any of the remains of any of those ships?

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