STRANGE News: 33 UFOs in Scotland & 3 Unsolved Murders

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This week, we’ll tackle the intriguing accounts of 33 UFO sightings in Scotland and the harrowing murder confession of Willis Davis. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted News.

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25 Comments on “STRANGE News: 33 UFOs in Scotland & 3 Unsolved Murders”

  1. I’ve got a live iPhone photo of these lights over a city in Northern Ireland, no joke. They’re clearly moving. Can share it.

  2. Scared the crap out me the music got really loud at the end.. I've been watching your channel for a few years now that's never happened had some audio trouble I guess 🤣🤣

  3. Hate the ufo segments or ghosts just like on unsolved mysteries I prefer the unexplained deaths etc just a personal preference

  4. Jesus a ten minute video (as gotta be ten mins to get paid) and you couldn’t check the audio at 9:50 wtf was that Andrew lol!!

  5. He knew way to many details to recant. And I believe there is other life out there we aren't the only life form in this huge world

  6. they're monitoring us to see if we've achieved hyperdrive engine technology yet,that's why they've never straight up contacted us as they don't see us as advanced enough to learn the truth that we are not alone

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