A New Nikola Tesla? Dr.Salvatore Cezar Pais:Mysterious Engineer Devises UFO Patents for the U.S Navy

@The Cosmos News Theoretical inventions known as the “UFO patents” have been inflaming worldwide curiosity. A product of the American engineer Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, the patents were filed during his work for the U.S. Navy and are so ambitious in their scope and imagination that they continue to draw interest despite any clear evidence that they are feasible. The patents include designs for a futuristic hybrid antigravity vehicle with a radical propulsion system that would work equally well in the air, underwater, and in space, as well as a compact fusion reactor, a gravitational wave generator, and even a “spacetime modification weapon”. The technology involved could impact reality itself, claims its inventor, whose maverick audacity rivals that of Nikola Tesla.
Read Full Story:https://www.thecosmosnews.online/2021/09/a-new-nikola-tesla-drsalvatore-cezar.html


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UFO Disclosure 2021- Stephen Bassett on UAPTF

So it turned out that 2020 was not the year of UFO Disclosure, but could 2021 be it? Possibly. A month has gone by since the release of the preliminary UAPTF report. Will there be more? To help me answer that question I interview Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, see: https://paradigmresearchgroup.org. I also catch up on all the latest UFO and exopolitical news.
See here for the previous film in the series UFO Disclosure 2021: https://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2021/06/ufo-disclosure-2021-uaptf-report-vigil.html.
See here for additional background: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2020/02/ufo-disclosure-portal.html.


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Stunning Low Flying Anti-Gravity UFO Craft Filmed while Driving in Lemoore (California)

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BREAKING NEWS: “Tic Tac” UFO’s are Secret US Aircraft!

We reveal perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in human history which, up until now, has been kept secret. Former US Air Force Intelligence Specialist Mike Turber discloses that the “Tic Tac” shaped UFOs recently shown in videos released by the US Navy are in fact US Aircraft able to fly at speeds at least 10 times faster than anything achieved before because they have learned how to defeat gravity. Turber hints he has actually flown in one and states Trump flew one to North Korea to impress Kim Jong-un!


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New Theories About The Toronto UFO Sighting – CBC News

Toronto police responded to calls last weekend after a video was posted that shows a series of lights in the night sky above Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue. Now the theories as to what the lights where have changed form RC Helicopters to Lighted Kites.
Orginal Sighting News Video = http://youtu.be/MXUIahdpELw

Music- danosongs.com Song- Gem Droids

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Unknown Fleet Of Craft Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere Nasa Footage Over Africa = http://youtu.be/-De6GlSAmbU

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Anti-Gravity Propulsion Box In Top Secret Dutch Labratory, UFO Sighting News. pt 2/5

An anonymous individual referring to himself only as “S.F.” has posted a series of videos detailing experiments performed on a gravity defying black box along with propulsion characteristics. He claims that it violates Newton’s laws producing action without reaction!

Internet videos of devices claimed to break the laws of physics are pretty common these days. However, once in a while one comes along that makes you look twice. An anonymous individual identifying himself only with the initials “S.F.” has posted a series of enigmatic videos of a very curious black box. During the video, tests are performed on this black box and a voice over describes the technology.

Watching the videos you will see a remotely controlled black box move across low friction surfaces such as water, spheres resembling ping-pong balls, and what appears to be glass marbles. In each situation there is no apparent “reaction” from the movement of the black box. For example, when it is placed on a transparent platform (free to move in any direction) the black box will not push the platform backwards as it moves forward. Instead, it will pull the platform along with it.  In another video you will see the box (which is claimed to weigh one pound) push against a concrete block. The result is the concrete block moves a substantial distance without any apparent reaction force. 

During the video, the device is described as representing a gravity control technology that produces action without reaction. Gravity is actually claimed to be produced by the box via the use of solid state components. This reaction-less propulsion mechanism is claimed to be more efficient than any current technology used today and can be used to produce motion in any direction, potentially including up or down. S.F. claims that this technology can allow for travel through any medium including water, gas, and the vacuum of space.


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UFO spotted in LIVE NBC News SkyCam at Fort Worth, TX [ORIGINAL]

Video from NBC SkyCam – from 7/26/2011

UFO spotted by NBC News SkyCam making 45 degree turn and accelerating upward in LIVE video recording of the city. July 26th, 2011.

source: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/weird/126203008.html

NBC News Channel 5 contacted UFO investigators to review the video


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