Recent UFO news clips/verified video's/pictures. WTF are these things?

By no means does this cover everything, just bits to get you caught up on recent activity.
The government is finally admitting there are objects on earth, which can break, and operate outside of the laws of physics as we best know them… They are literally invading US airspace with impunity. They out preforming the best technology the military has, defying all known aviation principals as though they were poor suggestions. At times they move seamlessly from air to water without losing speed or producing a wake, they travel faster than sound without producing a sound. Some of their trivial movements SHOULD require a country’s worth of nuclear power…

What the hell are these objects? Iit seems to me if some country had re-written reality itself to produced this technology they’d have “won” already. I find it HIGHLY unlikely anyone here has developed new radical theories, infrastructure and technology which operates on laws and principals which aren’t even hinted at by the smartest scientists.

Can the government use other technology to trick and fake all of these characteristics without the objects actually existing? To fool trained military men, advanced radar, satellite photos, etc? Something STRANGE is going on, that much can’t be denied anymore.

Could it really be “aliens” from, somewhere? Whaat is going on here?

Last frame is from a scientific study on the estimated flight characteristics of a few objects, based on the best info available. Full paper can be found here:

The A.I enhancement is probably NOT accurate, as the A.I fixes the image based on known things, and the object is not something we know. The blinking of the “pyramids” in the night vision is probably an effect of the night vision but otherwise the object is unknown.

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