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The Zzenn Podcast offers commentary and perspectives on global news stories, religion, spirituality, and New Age Ideology. Zzenn is the host of the show.

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TM News 12 – Epstein Spy Ties, UFO Report Short, Covid Aircraft Carrier, Disinfo Clampdown…


Ep 12 – Epstein Spy Ties, UFO Report Short, Covid Aircraft Carrier, Disinfo Clampdown…

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/troubledmindsradio Monday and Friday at 3pst!

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Seeking Answers on Covid U F O s and Illnesses Spy Agencies Turn to

American intelligence agencies are tapping outside expertise as they wrestle with mysteries that are as much about science as they are about espionage. WASHINGTON — The nation’s intelligence agencies are looking for ways to increase their expertise in a range of scientific disciplines as they struggle to answer unexplained questions — about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, unidentified phenomenon observed by Navy pilots and mysterious health ailments affecting spies and diplomats around the world. Traditional spycraft has failed to make significant progress on those high-profile inquiries, and many officials have grown convinced that they require a better marriage of intelligence gathering and scientific examination. Intelligence officials in the Biden administration came into office pledging to work on areas traditionally dominated by science, like studying the national security implications of climate change and future pandemics. But as the other issues have cropped up, the spy agencies have had to confront questions that are as much scientific mysteries as they are challenges of traditional intelligence collection. The White House has given the intelligence community until later this summer to report the results of a deep dive into the origins of the coronavirus, including an examination of the theory that it was accidentally leaked from a Chinese lab studying the virus as well as the prevailing view that it was transmitted from animals to humans outside a lab. The administration has also pledged to Congress to make progress on determining the cause of mysterious health ailments on diplomats and intelligence officers, known as Havana syndrome. And finally, a preliminary inquiry into unidentified flying objects and other phenomena failed to explain almost all of the mysterious encounters by military aviators that intelligence analysts had scrutinized, prompting intelligence officials to promise a follow-up in the next three months. To bolster the role of scientific expertise, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence brought an experienced epidemiologist from the State Department’s intelligence and research division to serve on the National Intelligence Council, according to intelligence and other government officials. The office has also created two national intelligence manager posts, one to look at climate change and the other to examine disruptive technology, intelligence officials said. The National Security Council, working with the C. I. A. and the director of national intelligence, has established a pair of outside panels to study Havana syndrome, whose symptoms include dizziness, fatigue and sudden memory loss. Outside scientists with security clearances will be able to view classified intelligence to better understand what may have caused the brain injuries. The work reflects “a broader priority on science and technology,” a White House official said. One panel will focus on possible causes.

All data is taken from the source: http://nytimes.com
Article Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/08/us/politics/intelligence-agencies-science.html

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UFOs of real life- Report by US department of defence confirms aliens

American movies have borne the cross to shape our world view of what and how aliens are. Right from X-Files to Men In Black, Star Wars to Star Trek, aliens have become a part of pop culture, where they invade the earth, and The Feds always stop them. Sometimes it feels like the only job of federal officials is to save earth from aliens and not humans themselves. Ancient aliens, a programme on the history channel, categorises every majestic, old and unbelievable architecture to be a work of aliens; the irony is indeed not lost on us!

Anchor: Palak Yadav

Reporter: Aishwarya

Video Editor: Kshitiz

Article URL: https://www.inventiva.co.in/stories/ingle/ufos-of-real-life-report-by-us-department-of-defence-confirms-aliens/

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SCET-46, The Aliens are Here – Fox News!, f/LtCOL SC & Prof Truth

SCET-46, The Aliens are Here – Fox News!, f/LtCOL SC & Prof Truth. Impromptu phone call about the recent Alien and UFO disclosures on Fox News and other Global outlets.

Rev. 12:7… And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.


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Melbourne back into COVID lockdown, Australia's skills shortage – and US UFOs | The Drum

TONIGHT: As Melbourne goes back into COVID lockdown, the Aged Care Minister is forced to defend the government’s vaccine rollout.

According to Labor, Almost 30 Victorian aged care homes have yet to receive their first dose – despite being a priority group.

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Super News Report: Obama Reveals Aliens Exist?!

Obama reveals dark truth. Disney plans on buying DC Comics. And Covid Vaccines are epic?
Watch today’s brand new Super News Report! Like, subscribe, and news!
i guess if you wanna read about the obama thing: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/19/politics/barack-obama-ufos/index.html
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Are we about to learn the truth about UFOs? | Planet America

On this episode of Planet America:
0:00 – Can the USA broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians?
17:07 – Democrat push to establish an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riots struggles to pass the Senate.
22:45 – The mysterious attacks leaving US diplomats with “Havana Syndrome”.
33:23 – And, are we about to learn the truth about UFOs?
41:11 – The CDC changes its advice on wearing masks.

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