Relief Bill UFO Report is News AF – January 12, 2021

Relief Bill UFO Report is News AF – January 12, 2021

The extraterrestrial stories just keep on coming as the News AF team is back for your weekly news update on January 12, 2021. Your most trusted correspondents, Rob Cesternino, Tyson Apostol, and Danny Bryson, begin the 180 day countdown until the US intelligence agencies shares their UFO report with the government. The news team infers what might be happening at Area 51 as we speak and breaks down other interesting stories from this week’s internet news. 

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Show Links:

All UFO info to be released in 180 days:

Bodybuilder cheated on sex doll while she was being repaired:

Hackers hack chastity belt:

Sperm Kings are cutting out the middle men:

Quibi is coming to Roku:

Google AI is inventing foods:

Hot Chocolate thief on the loose:


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