UFOs of real life- Report by US department of defence confirms aliens

American movies have borne the cross to shape our world view of what and how aliens are. Right from X-Files to Men In Black, Star Wars to Star Trek, aliens have become a part of pop culture, where they invade the earth, and The Feds always stop them. Sometimes it feels like the only job of federal officials is to save earth from aliens and not humans themselves. Ancient aliens, a programme on the history channel, categorises every majestic, old and unbelievable architecture to be a work of aliens; the irony is indeed not lost on us!

Anchor: Palak Yadav

Reporter: Aishwarya

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UFOS Pt. 2! The UFO Report, Presidents and Aliens, + RIP Mike Gravel! A Chicken in Every Pod- Ep 17

Gleep my glorp!

As promised, folks, we’re continuing our coverage of the recent UFO news! We go over the government UFO report as well as the hotly anticipated “more fun” stories –– about PRESIDENTS hanging out with ALIENS. It’s a wild ride to the stars, so don’t miss this wrap-up of our UFO coverage!

Plus: RIP Mike Gravel and a somewhat muddled rendition of “Misbehavin” from the wonderful HBO series The Righteous Gemstones as we finish setting up the audio for the show.

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UFO, nakuhanan ng video | NXT

Humarap sa media ang isang retired fighter pilot para ikuwento ang UFO na nasaksihan nila sa isang training exercise noong 2004.

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অত্যাধুনিক ফ্লাইং সসারে চড়ে পৃথিবীতে ঘুরে বেড়াচ্ছে ভিনগ্রহের বাসিন্দারা? | UFO

সত্যি সত্যিই কি তাহলে এলিয়েন আছে? অত্যাধুনিক ফ্লাইং সসারে চড়ে পৃথিবীতে ঘুরে বেড়াচ্ছে ভিনগ্রহের বাসিন্দারা? মার্কিন প্রতিরক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয় পেন্টাগনের বহুল আলোচিত রিপোর্ট প্রকাশের পর জোরেশোরে উঠেছে এ প্রশ্ন। ১৭ বছরে অন্তত ১৪৪ বার আকাশে ‘রহস্যজনক উড়ন্ত বস্তু‘ বা ইউএফও দেখেছেন মার্কিন বৈমানিকরা। এসব যান কোত্থেকে এসেছে, এর যাত্রী কারা-তার কোনো ব্যাখ্যা নেই বিজ্ঞানের কাছে।

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क्या गुजरात में UFO देखें गए ? by Ankit Avasthi Sir UPSC state PCS Real News analysis (RNA) 2021

क्या गुजरात में UFO देखें गए ? by Ankit Avasthi Sir UPSC state PCS Real News analysis (RNA) 2021

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What Do We Know About UFOs?

A highly anticipated Pentagon report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – also known as UFOs – has raised lots of interest from astronomers, journalists, and even former president Barack Obama. The Canadian military has documents of reported UFO sightings going back decades. What explains this? Is it proof of extraterrestrial life? Or, a foreign military using advanced technology? Our panel discusses the new interest in these mysterious sightings.


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