Latest: SpaceX rocket launches Sirius XM, NASA investigating UFO sightings

SpaceX rocket launches Sirius XM, NASA investigating UFO sightings

1, SpaceX will launch a new Sirius XM satellite early Sunday.
2, Report: NASA investigating UFO sightings, agency chief says.


SpaceX will launch a broadband satellite for Sirius-XM early Sunday (June 6).

A two-stage Falcon 9 rocket flight is scheduled to take off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station here in Florida. Liftoff is expected at 12:26 a.m. EDT (0426 GMT) during a one-hour 59-minute window.

Perched atop the 230-foot-tall (70 meters) Falcon 9 is the high-powered Sirius XM-8 (SXM-8) satellite built by Maxar Technologies for Sirius XM. It’s the second of two radio satellites launched by SpaceX for the company as part of an effort to replace outdated ones currently in orbit.

SpaceX announced the launch just minutes after the successful liftoff of another Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday, June 3. That vehicle blasted off from Pad 39A, carrying a Dragon cargo craft teeming with NASA supplies and experiment gear for the crew on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Following liftoff on Sunday, the rocket’s first stage is expected to land on SpaceX’s drone ship “Just Read the Instructions,” which is waiting out in the Atlantic. If successful, it will mark the 87th recovery of a first stage booster for the California-based rocket manufacturer.

The rocket featured in Sunday’s launch will be one of SpaceX’s newer frequent fliers. Known as B1061, this flight-proven booster will embark on its third flight…

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SpaceX Dragon with four astronauts onboard has near miss with rocket debris

Video captures narrow miss as SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule separated from Falcon 9 rocket on it’s way to the International Space Station

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Incredible Plume Created by SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch From Vandenberg Air Force Base in California


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DESCRIPTION: SpaceX Launch from Vandenberg AFB in California creates massive plume over Pacific Ocean last night. We have it from start to finish!

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UFO Seen Flying Over Los Angeles | BREAKING NEWS

Blurred Culture has received numerous phone calls about a mysterious flash of light over Southern California skies around the same time SpaceX announced it was launching a Falcon 9 at Vandenberg Air Force base along the state’s Central Coast region Friday evening. SpaceX did not immediately confirm whether the mysterious light was the Falcon 9 after launch, but the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office did say the flash of light was from the rocket launch. What do you think? Is this Space X or Aliens???



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