New Chapter 2 Season 7 Live UFO Event Gameplay, Superman, Rick & Morty, Star Trek, new battle pass. Waiting for the new ufo event to happen, new leaks, new map changes, new skins, coral castle destroyed (new crew pack out soon), alien skin out & dc skins out now, Travis Scott skin and the astronomical bundle out now, trying to win some free rewards/free vbucks and skins inside of fortnite battle royale giving away fortnite vbuck gift card codes!

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*this is all satire*


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This Creative UPDATE is MASSIVE… (UFO, New Devices)

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This Creative UPDATE is MASSIVE… (UFO, New Devices)

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Streamers React to *NEW* "MOTHERSHIP INSIDE VAULT" & ALIENS in Fortnite UPDATE

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– In this video we have the new 1.17 Update in fortnite. NEW Mothership vault inside and Aliens pets.

Welcome to Fortnite Bruh. We focus on bringing you high-quality and well-edited Fortnite highlights & funny moments. We also provide you with the latest Fortnite news including game updates, patches and showing off new content. We have permission to upload all clips and Music.

When it comes to our videos, we like to do things differently compared to other highlight channels. First off we commentate over the clips in every video. Commentary allows us to add value by making observations or giving pointers that will help YOU improve your gameplay or gives you a better understanding of what’s going on in each clip.

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22 Jun – 23 Jun Item Shop Fortnite Showcase


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