Fastest Ufo Uap I've Ever Caught Secret Stealth Aircraft? + Ufo's Come Out of the Moon + Chevron Ufo

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If you have really good eyes and a good understanding of space….this object actually is triangular or diamond shaped with wings and a tail of light….Wings downwards…It’s too fast to be a bird and I show the real speed of this object that appeared ONLY by slowing down my footage 3800 percent. I was zoomed out just under 1000 mm Fast Moving Ufo Uap has a craft shape with what looks like wings of light as it is going so fast across the sun. Recent Capture just before the rain started. Been raining here for Three days and no sun in the sky. I start off the video with some incredible sun spots and solar flaring LIVE… When objects travel really fast in Space they often have these wings if light pushing the atmosphere around the object as it travels.
In this video we see many secrets that often go unnoticed. Unless you slow down your footage…many things will be unseen.
Huge Comet ‘Larger Than Phobos’ Hurling Towards Heart of Our Solar System right now….will reach us in 2030 as it is supposed to brush the rings of Saturn I think.

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