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154 – UFOs in the Last Days?

CNBC: “The new UFO Report to Congress shows absolutely no evidence of aliens. Of course.”
US News: “It came out of the sky: US releases highly anticipated UFO Report”
CNN Politics: “US intelligence community releases long-awaited UFO report”
Luke 21:25 (The Living Bible) –
“Then there will be strange events in the skies — warnings, evil omens …”

Strange things are going on in the realm of the abnormal that demand our attention and defy our explanation. What’s going on and what does it all mean? Are UFOs real or not? Where do they come from? If they are alien, what do they want and why are they here?
This report you are about to see may shock you. Could there be both a biblical and historical connection to what we are witnessing today? See for yourself…


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