UFOs | Military Encounters | Fox News | Tucker Carlson Show 12/19/2019

In this segment Tucker talks to Tom Rogan, a reporter for The Washington Examiner who wrote an article about recent UFO activity… involving Soviet, Chinese and US military jets. These UFOs were engaged by the military jets and the military jets were shot down by them. I watched this show LIVE with my wife, while recording it on my X1 DVR. This video was shot with my iPhone as I playback the last five minutes of the 12/19/2019 broadcast. This segment was in the last five minutes of the Tucker Carlson show and I have not heard anything more about it since.

I also find it ironic that President Trump ended up signing the $738 billion dollar Military Spending Bill and he signed the new branch of the military; Space Force into existence the following day after Tucker’s broadcast. Hmm?


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