UFO Sighting in Missouri – KCTV News 5 Reports | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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UFO Sighting in Missouri – KCTV News 5 Reports | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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UFO Sighting in Missouri – Mass UFO Sighting KCTV News 5 Reports

Over the course of 2021, there have been 20 reported UFO sightings in Missouri, several of which occurred in the greater St. Louis area…
We are NOT alone!
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UFO Sighting in Missouri – Mass UFO Sighting KCTV News 5 Reports

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Нло 2014.
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They say Kansas City is a UFO hot spot. Will Pentagon report help you believe them?

Margie Kay, who has spent decades investigating UFOs, says the congressional report which is going to be released by the end of this month will be a vindication for the UFO community. Kansas City residents who say they saw UFOs want to know what the Pentagon and intelligence officials release about aliens and unidentified aerial phenomena. Read full story: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article251812908.html

Video by Shelly Yang | The Kansas City Star

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missouri ufo and cattle mutilation 1978

Cattle mutilation (also known as bovine excision[1] and unexplained livestock death[2]) is the killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual, usually bloodless, and anomalous circumstances. Worldwide, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, bison, deer and elk have been reported mutilated with similar bloodless excisions; often an ear, eyeball, jaw flesh, tongue, lymph nodes, genitals and rectum are removed.

Since the first reports of animal mutilations, various explanations have been offered, ranging from natural decomposition and normal predation to cults and secretive governmental and military agencies, to a range of speculations, including cryptid predators (like the chupacabra) and extraterrestrials. Mutilations have been the subject of two independent federal investigations in the United States.

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Momo The Missouri Monster | Trailer

The year was 1972 and the place was a tiny, quaint, riverfront town called Louisiana, Missouri. On a warm summer evening two local kids saw a creature in their own backyard and before you could say the word “Bigfoot” the local media and police officials alike had pounced on the story. Overnight Louisiana became “monster central” with creature seekers and monster hunters combing the woods to look for “the thing” that the newspapers had dubbed “MOMO”. One particular family was at the center of this whirlwind of activity and as the Missouri Monster sightings began to increase, so did the negative impact on the Harrisons. In 1975, a film crew set out to tell an over-the-top, filmic version of the MOMO sightings. Due to one reason or another, this grindhouse, should-have-been-cult-classic was never released. Until now…

#momo #missourimonster #grindhouse

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Missouri UFO Group Has Record Turnout at Meeting After Orbs Spotted in Sky

Nearly 150 people crowded into a meeting space to discuss an unusual episode in the skies of Kansas City. It was revealed that the objects in the sky were balloons, part of a project by the federal government’s Defense Advance Research Project Agency. However, people like Margie Kay, with the Kansas City chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, aren’t buying it.


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