UAP / UFO NEWS – Senator Marco Rubio calls out delays to the UAP report. "THEY BETTER HURRY"!

Senator Marco Rubio talk with Maria Bartiromo about delays to the Upcoming UAP report. Will it be delivered on June 25th or will it be “a couple weeks late”. What do you think? Share your comments below!

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"They Have Been Taking Humans for Thousands of Years!" – Paul Wallis

Ancient tales of abductions can be found in cultures all over the world. The Mami Wata people of West Africa. The Philippine legends of the “Diwatas” The biblical accounts of the “Watchers” and the “Nephilim” just to name a few. .

UFO Sightings, strange creatures and demons are embedded into humanity’s collective memory. As well etched in Ancient Alien artwork, carvings, and statues the world over. This Bizarre Mystery has repeated generation after generation.

The claims and writings documented around the phenomenon span from thousands of years ago to this current day.

In this documentary, Paul Wallis explores ancient abduction accounts, along with the more recent cases such as “Betty and Barney Hill”, ” Jane Pooley” and research from professor John Mack.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for watching The 5th KInd.

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