Aliens Invading + Bach Nation News + Irrational Fears + Panic Attacks

The Broads are on a wild ride of conversation today! They chat Avatar, google searching yourself, the imminent alien invasion, and their alien theories. Then they dive into Reality Steve updates, BN members like Tayshia, Kristina, and Demi discussing their experiences with Reality Steve, Rachel leaving Bach Nation, Chris Harrison’s wedding post, and Mike Johnson and Abigail spotted together. They also dive into conversations about traveling (or lack their of) in the USA, their irrational fears, when and why they have panic attacks, and a lot more.


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Drone News: Drone/Helo near miss. UFO or drone? FAA/AUVSI Symposium Recap (incl. Remote ID update)

This week in Drone News: A near miss between a drone and a police helicopter in Tusla, OK. A video submitted by one of our students showing a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). And a length recap of the AUVSI/FAA Symposium including Remote ID information from the FAA’s Jay Merkel and Administrator Dickson, the newly announced FAA Drone WINGS (or Drone PROPS) program and other things.

Helicopter coming too close : 00:54
Drone-UFO : 02:44
FAA : 3:56

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Near-miss between drone and police Helicopter
Captured in Tulsa during a procession.
Looks like an inspire 2 heading toward a helicopter and getting prop washed.

Drone or UFO?
Breanna, who is one of our graduates (98% on the exam!!) shared this video she took from her backyard.
Thought it was firework at first.
Then after a while, the lights shut off. She said the lights also turned blue at one point.

FAA/AUVSI Symposium
Jay Merkle: Final Ruling is pretty much done, going through the review stage before release to the public.
FAA Administrator Dickson: “service providers”
WINGS Program for Drone Pilots
182k remote pilots as of 7/1/20
Shoutout to Kevin Morris, the FAA Drone Guy, and the team of other FAA inspector including John, who I know watches every week!


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