Paranormal UFO Conspiracy and Fringe News Roundup Podcast YouTube videos

Paranormal UFO Conspiracy and Fringe News Roundup Podcast YouTube videos

Paranormal, UFO, Conspiracy, and Fringe News RoundupPodcast. We investigate the cosmic truth from a Biblical worldview.

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Each week we investigate and report o Psychic phenomenon, ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, Paranormal, Occults, Esoteric, Cults, Shadow Government, conspiracy, supernatural, lore, macabre, unexplained, Bible prophesy, and Secret projects from a Biblical worldview that takes a closer look at the paranormal, life events, politics,

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San Juan Puerto Rico UFO Incident 1952 Paranormal UFO Conspiracy Fringe News Roundup YouTube videos

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San Juan Puerto Rico UFO Incident 1952

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Paranormal UFO Conspiracy and fringe NewsUFO Sighting Caught on Video Roundup UFO News UFO Case

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There are strange UFO Sightings occurring right now over the Metropolitan area of New York City. This is the third such UFO Sighting video in a week showing what appears as a Black Smoky Ring shaped object hovering in midair over the borough of New York City.

Queens New York 8/8/21. This region has had 4,172 Reported UFO Sightings to date.



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Unleashing the Kraken: Massive News Roundup – UFOs, Putin-Ukraine, Royals, CCP Threats, Iran, & More.
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Aliens Fireteam, Timeline Lore, New Alien Species and Weapons, March News Round-Up – Rumour Control

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Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, & UFO Sightings: a Roundup of UFO News

AD Robles & I discussing UFOs:

Harvard Professor thinks astronomer spotted alien space junk:

UFOs spotted at the Hawaiian island of Oahu:

Congressional bill starts countdown for UFO report to Congress:

UFO sightings in NYC are way up in 2020:

Miley Cyrus was chased by a UFO:

Demi Lovato is chatting with what she thinks is aliens:

Leaked Defense Department report believes UFOs are controlled by “intelligences of unknown origin”:

Sightings recede to the edge of what technology allow you to do:

The book “Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men”:


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