TR3B Silently Flying Over A Forest And It's Genuine

Guy’s, this is absolutely real, all the reflections and shadows are perfect. There’s nothing that says it’s a fake but lot’s of things that say it’s a genuine TR3B, Triangle shaped UFO. It’s a silent running flying machine. Is it man made or Alien technology reverse engineered? It’s absolutely stunning is what it is.

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Credit: Generationzedpodcast Instagram.
Created by UFO News.


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They Had Huge Black Eyes and Stood Silently Watching Them!

This fascinating UFO encounter took place at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. It is one of the most profound ufo cases ever documented and can be seen featured within the Hit Documentary “The Phenomenon” by James Fox. Available to watch now at

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In this video, Paul Wallis and James Fox discuss the details of the UFO Sighting that took place at Ariel School, Ruwa, Zimbabwe. The witness testimonies and insider information surrounding the ufo encounter.

Go to original youtube video here UCBSURWtaqrVyYNxaw8E90sQ

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