Extraordinary The Stan Romanek Story | Trailer

Exploring the life and times of Stan Romanek, who found himself in the middle of one of history’s most intriguing stories of extraterrestrial contact.

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Aliens & UFOs (NEWS):. The Stan Romanek Court Case is happening right now!

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News Airs Story On Stan Romanek's UFO Sighting

September 30, 2001, it was rush hour and Stan Romanek had just gotten off work and was headed home when he noticed a spotlight illuminating the ground next to him. Stan then watched as the beam made a sweep over his van. At first, he assumed it was a police helicopter but as he watched the expressions on the faces of the other drivers at the intersection, he knew that it was more than that. As he strained to get a better look at what had just beamed him, he realized that what everyone was looking at was a UFO, and it had just beamed his van. Not long after Stan spotted the UFO, it quickly flew over a park full of people called, “Old Stone House Park”. There were so many people that saw this happen that it convinced the local news to do a story on the sighting.


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