Graceful Failure–or how to not crash your Tesla into a UFO! Plus a rant about taxes & non-US unions

One of the biggest takeaways from people starting to drive Tesla’s beta 10 release is that the car is failing gracefully, so to speak: in other words, it is able to recover from navigation mistakes, bad traffic issues, and various other problems, all without crashing and having the human driver take over. If we’re ever going to get to the fabled L5 autonomy and robs-taxis, Teslas (or other FSD cars) have to be able to recover from failure gracefully.

Plus a bonus rant about the recent US infrastructure bill that provides $4,500 of tax incentives for EV cars built by unions–but not necessarily in the US itself. If you think it’s crazy that we citizens might have to pay out of our own taxes for cars built in other countries, then have a listen. If not, feel free to skip this section, which is at the end. Fair warning 🙂

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Introduction: 0:00
Failing Gracefully: 1:10
Political Rant: 13:01
Concluding Thoughts: 17:50

Graceful Failure–or how to not crash your Tesla into a UFO!


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