UFO Flying on a Highway chasing a Car

UFO Flying on a Highway chasing a Car. A family say they were spooked when their road trip turned into a UFO encounter as a star unexpectedly appeared in the sky – and rapidly started to move. UFO Flying on a Highway with a Car ufo ufo videos real ufo flying saucer unidentified flying object. ufo sightings ufo sightings 2021 ufo sightings in Argentina ufo in US space news NASA SpaceX aliens area 51 ufomania – the truth is out there. ufos tic tac ufo US alien space ship ufo news alien news uap nasa spacex what if ridddle aliens caught on camera. History channel shows ufo sighting ufo fyling ufo found ufos in America ufo in United states uaps. UFO Teleporting from one place to another in the Sky area 51 ufomania – the truth is out there ufo ufos tic tac ufo tic tac. Aliens portals ufo portal anti gravity teleportation teleportal ufo sightings US ufo sightings 2021 ufo explode in sky alien sightings ufos in US. Alien space ship space news space science ufo news alien news uap meteoroid meteorite space debris nasa spacex earth what if ridddle teleport alien life aliens caught on camera. ufo ufo sightings in argentina aliens ufos unidentified flying object ufo sightings ufo sightings compilation. Ufo sightings 2021 ufo sightings near me how to ufo sightings daily can ufo sightings daily what happens if ufo explodes in Russia.

The Family was driving the US city of Keokuk, Iowa when they caught sight of a presence hanging in the air. They noticed in the sky because it was a huge bright star and they thought it was odd, that there was a bright star during daytime.

It wasn’t moving for a few minutes, but they started filming when it began moving across the sky. They thought if it could be a drone or a plane, but they were not sure.

Jay – who lives in Hamilton, Illinois – is still uncertain about exactly what they all saw in the sky. However, we think it wasn’t a plane. It was a few hundred yards in the sky and too low for a large plane. It was a big light like in Triangle and it was shifting from one place to another in the video, So It cannot be a Drone, or Plane or Jet or Balloons or Mirage. It may be a UFO or we can’t explain what it is for sure? We leave it to your Imagination

After the footage was shared online, several locals said that they’d had similar encounters. Mr Mitchell, a quality engineer by profession, is keeping an open mind about what his family witnessed. He has never encountered anything like this before. As for intelligent life outside of earth, I think that it should be common sense that we can’t be the only ones. And yes, I think they have visited regularly.

So what do you think? Is this UFO or a Drone or You cant Explain what it is?

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A Very Bright UFO was seen Hovering over Devon Beach!

A very Bright UFO was seen Hovering over Devon Beach!

Matthew Evans was looking out the window of his top-floor apartment when he noticed something strange in the sky. Mr Evans was able to photograph the UFO before it vanished, and it looked to have four strong lights in a triangular arrangement.

The UFO lingered above the seafront for “10 seconds” before it rapidly “zoomed off”, he said.

Because of the manner the object moved, Mr. Evans, who is from Tidmouth, Devon, where the sighting occurred, is positive it was not a regular aircraft.

He said: “I couldn’t help but see it.


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Aussie hosts bizarre reaction to 'UFO' sighting | Today Show Australia

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BREAKING NEWS: Found UFO Hangar Door Opens on top of Mt. Adams/ECETI June 30 2017 with Jimmy Church

Check out our LIVE show, Mon-Thursday 7pm PST at

During the recent ECETI Ranch conference a door opened up on top of Mt. Adams on Friday, June 30th, 2017…over the next four days it was photographed, video was shot and it was observed by over 150 witnesses…this video was shot during the event…all images are copyright by Jimmy Church, Jason Quitt and Gary Clark.
The rumors of some type of ‘hangar’ door on Mt. Adams have been around for over a decade… and finally it showed itself. Is this a UFO hanger?


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