[#MARS] – Is That a #UFO on MARS Planet | Latest Images from Mars BY #NASA Rover |

What you think about UFO on Mars Planet. This illustration shows NASA astronauts working on the surface of Mars. A helicopter similar to the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is airborne at left. Ingenuity is being carried aboard the Perseverance rover; It will be deployed to the Martian surface in the weeks after landing to test whether future helicopters could accompany robotic and human missions.

NASA Astronauts on Mars With Helicopter (Illustration):

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Mission Updates | Mission – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program
Mars: Nasa’s Perseverance rover sends stunning images
Where to find the latest Mars photos from NASA’s
The UFO Phenomenon by 7news spotlight,
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UFO Stories – HISTORY,

Source for Science & Technology MARS images: http://bit.ly/2MOwhIm

For more about Perseverance:


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Source for NASA’s Mars Videos: https://bit.ly/34jrcBB

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UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona

UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona. This video has a peculiar and strange behaviour of UFO sightings. This video was uploaded on October 10th, from Pine Bluff, Arizona, United States. The uploader saw the White UFO which came from the NW of him. The object went from left to right, then abruptly changed directions from right to left and then it disappeared, When searched the sky for its existence he couldn’t find it. UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona,aliens caught on camera real footage history channel ufo ufos aliens ufo in Argentina ufo sightings ufo sightings 2021 ufo sightings in argentina. ufo sightings in arizona space space news spacex tic tac ufo tic tac ufo video uaps us space force ufo in London ufo news ufo watchers whatif what if ufo spotted,ufo explored. ufo mania ufo in pine bluff arizona unidentified flying object riddle earth US asteroid NASA ufo news NASA News Science News.

We couldn’t know for sure what it is in this video, it cannot be a meteorite or Aeroplane or a Bird or It can be a drone. The sudden change in direction while moving, it can only be done by a Drone. Also, it can be a UFO too, but made by Aliens or Humans is a matter of question.

The Southwest has a reputation for its hot weather, expansive deserts — and supernatural phenomena. From UFOs to skinwalkers, eerie tales of sightings and encounters are part of Arizona’s lore. One famous Northern Arizona tale of alien abduction was even the subject of the 1993 sci-fi movie “Fire in the Sky.”

This abundance of supernatural discourse prompted one listener to ask through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, “Why is the international UFO convention always in Arizona?”

Why Is The World’s Largest UFO Convention In Arizona?

There are many UFO-related events across the state, from Sedona UFO tours to events by the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon). But the largest convention is the International UFO Congress, which celebrates two milestones this year: its 30th anniversary as an event and its 10th year in Phoenix.

Alejandro Rojas is a journalist who focuses on science and the paranormal; he joined with the congress about 12 years ago when it was based in Laughlin, Nevada.

When the event was purchased by a man in Arizona, Rojas was recruited to help run and emcee it.

The International UFO Congress hosts an annual event featuring several days of speakers who cover various topics, ranging from UFO sightings and paranormal investigations to UFO experiences and the search for extraterrestrial life.

In 2014, the event set the Guinness World Record for the largest UFO convention, with an average of 1,500 attendees. According to Rojas, the number of attendees has since plateaued — and the 2021 event falls short of its record with a few hundred attendees registered for its online version.

Brard is running this year’s event from her house in Mesa through Sept. 12.

But Rojas said the decline in numbers is actually a positive sign for the overall field.

“It’s really gone mainstream, and we’re really proud to have kind of championed bringing this to the public in a more professional manner,” Rojas said.

Rojas also mentioned an infamous event from March 13, 1997, that seemed to forecast the congress’s Southwest success Phoenix Lights.

“UFOs get in the news quite a bit because of that event, here in the Phoenix area,” Rojas said. “So there are a lot of people who are interested in the topic out here.”

In terms of UFO sightings, specifically, California tops the list, according to data from the National UFO Reporting Center. But states like Arizona, Georgia and Texas rank in the top 10. (Arizona is ranked No. 6 with more than 4,500 reports.)

Rojas contributes the volume of sightings to a few factors: population, military presence and weather.

First, he noted that more sightings correspond with a higher population — leaving California, the most populous state, with the most reports. But the other two factors help establish why skies in certain states may harbour more unknowns.

This means warm-weather states like Arizona and California — where you can be outside looking at the night sky year-round — are set to have a larger number of reported sightings.

Can this be a Drone or a real UFO made by Aliens?

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Insane UFO Encounters (Full Documentary) | Top 20 UFO Cases Of ALL TIME

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UFO’s are real and the government and military forces on Earth know it. Explore suppressed and
hidden information about the strangest and most fantastic UFO incidents in history. You will be
amazed and bewildered by countless UFO sightings by highly credible witnesses that defy
explanation. UFO’s are here whether we like it or not, and their technology far exceeds ours. If they
decided to take over the human race, there would be little our government and military factions could
do about it. Learn about the deception and cover-up of the UFO Phenomenon.

Aliens and UFOs are more real than ever before. Thousands of sightings by highly credible witnesses worldwide cannot be denied. The big question is not whether the Aliens are here among us, monitoring us perhaps preparing us for some kind of end game that will change humanity forever, but why is the government and military still denying the fact that we are not alone? While many of the sightings every year are debunked, it’s the ones that defy description, obliterate our notions of psychics and science and exhibit other worldly capabilities beyond our grasp. The mind blowing bizarre and most mysterious Alien Encounters of all.

#Aliens #UFOs #Paranormal


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UFO on Moon flying very Fast seen from Serbia

UFO on Moon flying very Fast seen from Serbia. A video of a black object zooming across the moon’s surface has thrilled the UFO Enthuthiasist. UFO on Moon flying very Fast seen from Serbia history channel shows ufo unidentified flying object ufos alein spaceship aliens uaps space space news. NASA science science news ufo news ufo sightings in Argentina ufo sightings ufo sightings 2021 ufo on moon ufo flying in moon. Aliens in moon spaceship ufo encounters ancient aliens tic tac ufo tic tac ufo video ufo in serbia ufo spotted in argentina ufo spotted on moon. uap ufo sightings compilation ufo sightings near me how to ufo sightings daily can ufo sightings daily moon landing NASA news spacex news.

Conspiracy theorists say the strange object which looks like a meteor, can be an alien craft of Death Star proportions. As the camera traces around the moon, it locks onto a small object that appears in the top right corner and races across the surface of the moon, leaving a massive shadow at the end of the video, before disappearing into the darkness.

The footage was filmed by Serbian woman Dragana M Redzic on August 23. The video clip shows the rocky surface of the moon through the lens of a digital camera.

The UFO conspiracy theorist says While she (Dragana) was filming the moon, she caught this object going across the moon’s surface at a speed that cannot be explained. If you can imagine how big the moon is, this thing is travelling pretty fast. If you look at the object, you can see it’s casting a clear shadow on the moon’s surface. Now, could this be one of the many probes that are up there? as this thing is moving a bit too fast, it can not be a probe.

One user said, it can cast a visible shadow on the moon’s surface it has to be MASSIVE. That is definitely can be a very big craft. Another person said it can be a massive UFO or a meteor doing a close flyby just missing the moon. A 3rd person said, it can be a Massive Alien ship if it’s real, it has to be something the size of a Death Star. We thought it was a Bird or Bat flying on Earth accidentally caught on camera, but the shadows at the end of the video put it as UFO. It can also be an Asteroid passing by, but as one user said, it has to be a very giant object to do a flyby casting the shadow on the Moon.

So What do you think? Can it be Alien Space Craft or a Giant Asteroid flying by the Moon or just a Human Probe?

Link to the Full Original Video here: https://youtu.be/enb0oWxib9c

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This is World Conspiracy Daily
WC Daily

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#WCDaily #UFO #UFOSightings #Serbia #Moonufo #UK #UFOUK #Aliens #UFOinUK #UFOonMoon #London #UAP #UAPS #AATIP #AncientAliens #Unidentified #AncientAliens #TicaTacUfo #UAP #UAPs #Aliensinlondon #LondonUFOSightings #UFOS #Soyuz #SpaceDebris #Asteroid #MeteroiteShower #ISS #SpaceStation #SpaceX #FalconHeavy #ElonMusk #Starship #Universe #NASA #Earth #Space #SpaceNews #Sun #Science #Scientist #Planet #SolarSystem #Mars #Universe #Technology #TechNews #Astronomy #ESA #Scientist

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#alien #uap #ufo IT APPEARED AGAIN Orange UFO Encounter #39 Slowly Pulsating – 10/8/2021 [1080p50]

ufo, uap, ovni, ufo news, ufo disclosure, ufo encounter, mufon, geipan, skinwalker ranch, ufo europe, ufos, uaps, luis elizondo, unidentified, unidentified episode, the phenomenon, elizondo, pentagon, nieuwerevu, uap disclosure, congress, ufology, ExomagazinTV, Exomagazin TV, vechten met moszkowicz, max moszkowicz, moszkowicz, congress disclosure, nuclear war heads, cold war, ufo scoop, ny times, Robert Fleischer, ufo sightings, new york times, uap sightings, pentagon ufo, pentagon uap, ufo disclosure, ovni mufon, james fox, robert salas, avi loeb, avi loeb alien, avi loeb ufo, avi ufo, nukes, nukes ufo, malmstrom ufo, roswell, roswell ufo, ufo nukes, malmstrom, roberto salas, pentagon uap, ufo uap, disclosure congress, ufo ufology, unidentified aerial phenomenon, phenomenon film, phenomenon documentary, 180 days, act now, BasRutten, The big phone home, Bram Roza, ufo report, ufo sighting, UFO Encounter, Chile, Chile UFO, Chile USO, Chile uap, pentagon uap report, Germany UFO, friendship Island, friendship Island ufo, aliens, Europe ufo sightings,

view part 1 here https://youtu.be/SLE51Qrfq4I

In the evening of 09/27/2021, I filmed this highly intriguing unidentifiable Orange colored orb/ craft, which flew from West to East horizontally across the sky. Looking closer at it, it seems even more strange and spectacular. This is filtered for clarity footage captured on my low-end Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ6 camera; so please excuse the quality X)

Am 27.09.2021 filmte ich dieses höchst faszinierende, nicht identifizierbare, orangefarbene, nicht identifizierte Flugzeug, das horizontal von West nach Ost über den Himmel flog. Bei näherer Betrachtung erscheint es noch seltsamer und spektakulärer. Dies ist auf Klarheit gefiltertes Filmmaterial, das mit meiner Low-End-Kamera Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ6 aufgenommen wurde; entschuldigen Sie bitte die Qualität X)





@mavi 777

#UFOSighting #UFO #UFONews


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UFO meets US Military Flying in the same Air Space

UFO meets US Military Flying in the same Air Space. There were new UFO sightings every day now in the US and around the world. Few days before a man from Lubbock, Texas, United States has captured a very clear video of a UFO in the mid-day blue sky. At first, he thought he was witnessing a weather balloon but thought it was weird, as the object didn’t move, but the clouds were moving. UFO meets US Military Flying in the same Air Space unidentified flying objects ufos NASA history channel shows Ancient Aliens ufo us military. US space force space space news ufo news mufon ufo video ufo footage ufo meets us military ufo in US Texas ufo aliens alien news science ufo sightings. ufo sightings in Argentina ufo sightings 2021 ufos in USA ufo caught on camera ufo caught on camera real footage. ufo caught on tape tic tac ufo uaps uap ufo sightings in US.

Then it seemed to travel South pretty rapidly, when another sphere-shaped UFO appeared below it and originally descended, then it stops and ascended crossing paths with the original object. Both then stops and took off.

NASA said they launched weather balloons, but there is no way he could have seen both at the time, he said NASA has given the flight itineraries.

Also, US Military Chinook helicopters were seen close by at the same time. Seems very odd to find both a UFO and US Military nearby. Can it be UFO hunting by the US or it’s a military advanced Technology? We thought it was a weather balloon when a second object appeared and moved very fast, we couldn’t decide what we are seeing. It’s really tight to say it’s UFO, but as usual, we cant come conclusion it’s an Alien or Human-made object.

So what do you think? Is this a real Alien UFO, why does the US Military is was very close by? Does all this have a connection?

Link to Full and All Videos are here: https://wcdaily.net/23cs

Thanks for watching.
This is World Conspiracy Daily
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#WCDaily #UFO #UFOSightings #US #UFOUSA #Aliens #UFOinUS #AliensinUS #USUFOSightings #UFOS #Roswell #USMilitary #USAirForce #USSpaceForce #Texas #SpaceDebris #Asteroid #MeteroiteShower #ISS #SpaceStation #SpaceX #FalconHeavy #ElonMusk #Starship #Universe #NASA #Earth #Space #SpaceNews #Sun #Science #Scientist #Planet #SolarSystem #Mars #Universe #Technology #TechNews #Astronomy #ESA #Scientist

Production: WC Daily

Music By: MEDIA MUSIC GROUP, Jon Presstone
Track: Epic Action Cinematic Suspense Build Intro Trailer, In The Wreckage


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UFO Spotted Of Junagadh, Dwarika , Jamnagar || Viral Full Video||

UFO Spotted Of Junagadh, Dwarika , Jamnagar || Viral Full Video||

#alien #UFO

Note: – Full Credit to Owners. All Images, Picture, Music show in the video belongs to the respected owners. Copyright disclaimer undersection 107 of the copyright act 1976 allowance is made for ” fair use” for purposes such as criticisms, comment, news, reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing, non-profit educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use..


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UFO Facts – real ufo sighting! Facts – Secret Agencies #shorts

UFO Facts – real ufo sighting! Facts – Secret Agencies #shorts
ufo, hindustan times ht news, ht media, India, UFOs in India, Billy Mier, UFO investigators, jimmy fallon, tonight show, NBC TV, Television, Funny,ufo caught on camera real footage, ufo caught on camera, ufo sightings 2021, real ufo sighting, pentagon ufo footage, ufo sighting navy, real ufo video, real ufo footage, ufo sightings documentary, ufo sightings compilation, pentagon ufo video, ufo series, ufo film


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Tremendous Shaking Underground N. Phx, AZ – UFO Experience Shakes Man To His Core, And He MOVES!

I felt one of these earthquakes in 2017, Shook everything, sounded like a train coming down the street. It was on the news. Not as rare as you’d think for AZ.

THIRDPHASEOFMOON – Breaking NEWS! Nuclear Powered Underground Tunnel Machine Exposed For The 1st Time! 2021 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfTdgVBGDWo&t=633s

CO.AG MUSIC – GUFON INTRO/OUTRO TWINS OF EVIL EDM TRACK – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA/featured

EARTHQUAKE VIDEO WORLD – Japan Earthquake 7.1 (Fukushima) Compilation HD February 13, 2021 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfF4GPC2TSg

12 NEWS – Strange shaking in north Phoenix neighborhood has residents worried – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cw4rUM70mE

WATCH JOJO – A Two Mile Crack Has Opened Up In Arizona – And Experts Warn That It’s Only Going To Get Bigger – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6841bFyEHwQ&t=183s

ALIEN DISCLOSURE GROUP – Full Version of the Nellis AFB UFO Footage – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui4ilIitvdk


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LEAKED: Pentagon and US Navy confirms UFO over Arctic Ocean (2021)

Leaked footage (2021): US Navy photographed and filmed a “long” shaped UFO over the Arctic Ocean and the Pentagon has since confirmed the authenticity of the footage, claiming the video taken by a Navy pilot “is real”. These oddly shaped UFO’s are advanced transmedium vehicles; here is that footage. The Navy and Airforce have spoken out, stating that as of yet, they “have no good explanation as to how this object makes it from house to house in a single night”. Such a task is currently beyond out technological abilities. This is only part of the story and visual evidence pertaining to UFO / UAP incursions by Unknown Advanced Transmedium Vehicles (UATVs) – engaging our US Navy warships and left lumps of coal in everyone’s stockings. And apparently the “transmedium vehicle” had to pass by Fukushima, on route to its home base at the North Pole; Hence the vibrant (and festive) green glow.

#Pentagon #ufo #uap


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