UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona

UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona. This video has a peculiar and strange behaviour of UFO sightings. This video was uploaded on October 10th, from Pine Bluff, Arizona, United States. The uploader saw the White UFO which came from the NW of him. The object went from left to right, then abruptly changed directions from right to left and then it disappeared, When searched the sky for its existence he couldn’t find it. UFO Rapidly changing direction flying in Arizona,aliens caught on camera real footage history channel ufo ufos aliens ufo in Argentina ufo sightings ufo sightings 2021 ufo sightings in argentina. ufo sightings in arizona space space news spacex tic tac ufo tic tac ufo video uaps us space force ufo in London ufo news ufo watchers whatif what if ufo spotted,ufo explored. ufo mania ufo in pine bluff arizona unidentified flying object riddle earth US asteroid NASA ufo news NASA News Science News.

We couldn’t know for sure what it is in this video, it cannot be a meteorite or Aeroplane or a Bird or It can be a drone. The sudden change in direction while moving, it can only be done by a Drone. Also, it can be a UFO too, but made by Aliens or Humans is a matter of question.

The Southwest has a reputation for its hot weather, expansive deserts — and supernatural phenomena. From UFOs to skinwalkers, eerie tales of sightings and encounters are part of Arizona’s lore. One famous Northern Arizona tale of alien abduction was even the subject of the 1993 sci-fi movie “Fire in the Sky.”

This abundance of supernatural discourse prompted one listener to ask through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, “Why is the international UFO convention always in Arizona?”

Why Is The World’s Largest UFO Convention In Arizona?

There are many UFO-related events across the state, from Sedona UFO tours to events by the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon). But the largest convention is the International UFO Congress, which celebrates two milestones this year: its 30th anniversary as an event and its 10th year in Phoenix.

Alejandro Rojas is a journalist who focuses on science and the paranormal; he joined with the congress about 12 years ago when it was based in Laughlin, Nevada.

When the event was purchased by a man in Arizona, Rojas was recruited to help run and emcee it.

The International UFO Congress hosts an annual event featuring several days of speakers who cover various topics, ranging from UFO sightings and paranormal investigations to UFO experiences and the search for extraterrestrial life.

In 2014, the event set the Guinness World Record for the largest UFO convention, with an average of 1,500 attendees. According to Rojas, the number of attendees has since plateaued — and the 2021 event falls short of its record with a few hundred attendees registered for its online version.

Brard is running this year’s event from her house in Mesa through Sept. 12.

But Rojas said the decline in numbers is actually a positive sign for the overall field.

“It’s really gone mainstream, and we’re really proud to have kind of championed bringing this to the public in a more professional manner,” Rojas said.

Rojas also mentioned an infamous event from March 13, 1997, that seemed to forecast the congress’s Southwest success Phoenix Lights.

“UFOs get in the news quite a bit because of that event, here in the Phoenix area,” Rojas said. “So there are a lot of people who are interested in the topic out here.”

In terms of UFO sightings, specifically, California tops the list, according to data from the National UFO Reporting Center. But states like Arizona, Georgia and Texas rank in the top 10. (Arizona is ranked No. 6 with more than 4,500 reports.)

Rojas contributes the volume of sightings to a few factors: population, military presence and weather.

First, he noted that more sightings correspond with a higher population — leaving California, the most populous state, with the most reports. But the other two factors help establish why skies in certain states may harbour more unknowns.

This means warm-weather states like Arizona and California — where you can be outside looking at the night sky year-round — are set to have a larger number of reported sightings.

Can this be a Drone or a real UFO made by Aliens?

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UFO in Attack formation flying in Chicago Heights

UFO in Attack formation flying in Chicago Heights. In South Chicago Heights, a little after 8:00 pm on 9/26/2021 a Woman describes her UFO sighting with her nearly 10-minute footage/Video. The woman with her Kids was returning from the store travelling south when they spotted a very bright, orange and White-red orb looking object appeared in the eastern sky. It appeared to be stationary and hovering. The Woman decided to drive down her car to the end of her street and then turn east to see if she could get a better view. UFO in Attack formation flying in Chicago Heights caught on camera ufo ufos ufo in us ufo in Chicago space. Space news NASA news NASA SpaceX ufo news aliens alien news. Science chicago ufo sightings ufo sightings in Argentina. ufo sightings 2021 us military us space force earth unidentified flying object ufo spotted ufo flying caught on tape whatif what if. Mufon caught on camera unbelievable interesting videos uap tictac ufo caught on camera 2021.

Once she began driving east she could clearly see the light in the sky and saw that there were three more brights UFOs as orbs in addition to the one she had seen initially. She drove east for roughly 2 blocks and then parked on the street and got out of her car to take the video. The objects were sort of just hovering there and they seemed to be pulsating with orange/white/red/violet colours.

At around the same time, one of the four objects slowly drifted north and disappeared behind the tree and the remaining three began to slowly form a V formation or seems like to us as a defence formation. The ufos remained in this formation until around the 3:40 mark, When the object to the left of the formation began slowly moving towards the north and disappeared behind the same tree.

Within the next couple of minutes, the two remaining objects moved north and disappeared as well. The last one to leave seemed to be rapidly changing from a spherical shape to an oval; it was so fast you can hardly see it unless you slow the video down but it seemed more colourful and brighter than the others. The woman waited for a few minutes after the objects disappeared to see if they would return but they did not.

Our thoughts were at first we thought it could be Aeroplanes trying to land at the nearby airport, but they were stationary for a very long time so no aeroplanes. Suddenly one of the 4 UFOs slowly moves away behind a tree from the video point of view, but later we saw an aeroplane or helicopter or a drone moving with its light. So we had a strong feeling this UFO looking things can be Military Helicopters or Military prototype aircraft’s in the nighttime Training exercise.

We were able to find there were a couple of Military bases in Chicago and nearby. Project Nike, 20 plus sites, near Chicago and Metro-East and Army base in Fort Dearborn, Chicago and many more in Illinois. We were are not quite sure from which place the Video was originated, except South Chicago Heights, Illinois mentioned by the Woman. So we’re not sure what it is, Right now for us, it’s UFOs, but we don’t know whether it’s Alien or Human origin. This UFO video is very interesting to analyse, you can watch the full video on our website link in the description Mufon.

So what do you think? Can this extraordinary ufo sighting be a UFO or Military aircraft? is it Human origin or Aliens?

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Mass UFO Sightings Throughout Europe [Solved]

UFO sightings are seen massively throughout Europe. The UFO was spotted yesterday in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and so on. In this video you will discover exactly what is responsible for the UFO sightings.

Social media has been flooded with one and the same UFO sightings since yesterday. We have seen people from UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France and even Iceland who have seen this strange object flying. Photos and videos of UFO sightings flooded the internet.

Lions Ground has carefully studied all of the video footage and has come up with an answer to the craziness of these mysterious sightings.

Community, Videos and News


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UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week

UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week. In Brooklyn New York, the United States, A new york couple were at the rooftop enjoying their afternoon weather, Then they noticed a bright flash in the sky which caught their eyes. The man looked up but couldn’t see anything, then the couple looked up, both witnessed the flash again and what appeared to be a shape of a Transparent Flying Object. The building is in Brooklyn and the object was spotted south of La Guardia Airport. UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week unidentified flying objects ufo unidentified flying object ufo sighting. Unidentified aerial phenomena unidentified aerial phenomena task force uap ufo sightings new york ufo sightings NASA nasa news SpaceX new york ufo new york ufo in new york dragon ufo. ufo dragon ufo spotted ufos aliens alien space craft space space news science ufo news mufon alien news whatif what if Riddle tic tac ufo ufo videos ufo sightings in Argentina UFO UAP United States of America ufos. Increased ufo sightings in America ufo sightings in US.

At First, they thought a flock of birds but were too high to fly and move too fast coordinatedly. The couple said at times the object looked like a cloth or a transparent flag, but the flight path seemed oddly smooth and unpredictable.

The couple then explained because the object or the UFO looking almost transparent, it’s hard to say but seemed to spiral down in a controlled way. It appeared to be a physical object that reflected the light of the sun only at certain angles when turning. Other than those moments where the sun reflection flashed, it was very hard to see it.

The man’s wife started filming it and he ran to get the binoculars when he got back the object disappeared. His wife filmed the whole video until it disappears.

The couple continued to explain, they felt it was high and large, but is very hard to say exactly what they saw, even after watching their video it’s hard to say what could they have seen. It could be some natural phenomenon, If it was it’s a strange one at least.

After analyzing the Video, At first, we thought it was a reflection of a fish from behind the camera person’s back, but they were not behind any window glass, they were on the rooftop so, it’s not a fish reflection. So we have jumped to another thought of a conclusion. It may be a flying kite or a balloon shaped like a white dragon or a bird, because of the spiral down the landing and the left to right turn consistently.

So what do you think? Is this UFO or an Alien origin UFO or a Kite shaped like a Dragon or advanced military Technology?

MUFON, 118205,2021-09-24, Brooklyn NY, US.

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Shape Shifting Plasma UFO Spotted On Board Plane at 30000 Feet

The illuminated object appeared to change from a horizontal flat surface to a vertical Y-shape at an altitude higher than the plane. It left UFO fanatics wondering if it could be an alien craft.

A plane passenger was baffled after spotting what seemed to be a “shape-shifting” object flying tens of thousands feet above the ground.

In the clip, which was captured on a Nikon P900 camera, a white illuminating object is seen flying at a higher altitude than the plane.

The outline of the object appears to be a drone or a plane-like shape but it soon starts to “transform” and becomes elongated.

The glowing white lights on the mysterious craft then turn into a Y-shaped figure.

While the plane passenger is trying to focus the zoom on the UFO, it once again goes from a vertical shape back to a horizontal one.

#ufo #uap #aliens


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UFO sightings remain a conundrum| World UFO Day| Some major UFO incidents | Oneindia News

UFO have always sparked interest and many unexplained sightings have been reported in the past. Yet their existence hasn’t been validated by the GOvernment agencies. While UFOs remain a conundrum for us, lets take a look at some of the major UFO spottings on the UFO Day.

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UFO spotted over Junagadh and Jamnagar | Ufo Latest News India | Space टीभी

UFO spotted over Junagadh and Jamnagar | Ufo Latest News India | Space टीभी

Unidentified Flying Object UFO spotted over Junagadh and Jamnagar district of Gujarat. According to scientists, these visuals can be of satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

#UFO​ #SpaceX​ #ViralVideo​

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Strange Shining Lights Spotted in Sky | UFO Spotted | Gujarat TV5 News

Strange Shining Lights Spotted in Sky | UFO Spotted | Gujarat TV5 News

TV5 News is Telugu Live news which gives 24 Hours Live News covering politics news, sports news, entertainment news. Channel gives hourly news updates. This is our Telugu Live TV Live Streaming on YouTube which can be accessed from anywhere across the Globe. News Update, Telangana News, Andhra News and live updates about our politicians cm kcr cm jagan chandrababu naidu
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