5 Recent UFO SIGHTINGS you NEED To See – UFO News

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5 Recent UFO Sightings – UFO News

Even with our modern science and technology, we don’t seem to be any closer to finding out whether UFOs are real or not. The next five cases compile some of the latest UFO reports we’ve heard over the last few months. These are 5 Recent UFO Sightings.

5. Flying “Humanoids”
4. Cleveland and Detroit UFOs
3. Simon Church
2. UFO in Antarctica
1. Mysterious Mesa Lights


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Ep. 10 | The Basement Office | UFO sightings with aliens | Close Encounters | New York Post

There are many documented cases of witnesses claiming to have not only seen a UFO, but they also claim to have seen the occupants of that UFO. In pop culture, these “occupants” are often referred to as “aliens”. But are they really? Nick Pope and Steven Greenstreet dive into some of the most famous cases of “close encounters of the third kind”.

Cases covered:

Aurora, Texas 1897
Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, New Mexico 1964
Valensole, France 1965
Canary Islands, 1976
Ariel School, Zimbabwe 1994 (watch more about this case at ArielPhenomenon.com)

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