TV UFO NEWS REPORT – NBC Special Report on UFOs Hovering over Navy Destroyers

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TV UFO NEWS REPORT – NBC Special Report on UFOs Hovering over Navy Destroyers
Based on details obtained through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), NBC News Correspondent Gadi Schwartz reports on the sightings which were catalogued in US Navy logs, detailing several UFOs (Verbage used was drones for lack of a better term) that repeatedly swarmed Navy destroyers off the California coast in July 2019.
A documentary filmmaker, Dave Beaty, first uncovered some details about drone flights around the USS Kidd, a Navy destroyer.
This report adds more fuel to the UFO Disclosure initiative, and the interest of certain Legacy MSM outlets.
The objects were able to stay in the air for periods of 90 minutes or more, which goes beyond the capacities of commercially available drones, and stunningly covered distances of at least 100 miles in one instance.

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