DISCLOSURE: Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP's) with Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer has been investigating the UFO phenomenon for several decades. His work can be seen in documentaries such as “Unacknowledged”, and the popular Gaia series “Disclosure” http://bit.ly/DrGreer_PresentsDisclosure Check out https://www.gaia.com/the5thkind for more!

In this series, Dr.Greer: documents many startling revelations into the UFO Cover-up, covert operations and exposes the underground military industrial complex; A shadow organisation secretly conducting “black budget ops” and “Unacknowledged special access projects”- highly compartmentalised and operated on a strictly “need to know” basis.

These projects facilitate the Development of advanced technologies that remain undisclosed to the public.

Dr Greer Believes that the information being withheld is of such importance, that if it was ever leaked; The world would change within a generation. And that this developed; classified technology has the potential to solve humanitarian, energy and climate based crisis on a global scale.

At the same time, the release of such technologies would destroy many multi-billion dollar industries and cooperation’s . Facilitating humanity with the means to become self sufficient,away from a system of financial governance and control. So for that reason; among others, it remains buried within a maze of secrecy.

Many military officials, High ranking politicians and even Presidents have been denied access to investigate these Clandestine programs…

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